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Tarot/Oracle Decks - PaganSquare - Join the conversation!

Tarot/Oracle Decks

Tarot of the Secret Forest

Tarot of the Secret Forest  
by Lucia Mattioli
Art Tarot Collection, Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy


Using this deck feels like taking a path into the deepwood, the cards bearing images that invoke tangled, green mystery. If you collect Tarot decks, then you will surely want to add this one to your collection. If you are a serious student of Tarot and want to explore new realms, then this deck is also most definitely for you.

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The Earth Deck

The Earth Deck
by Gaiamore


Nature divination, according to The Earth Deck creator Gail Morrison (also known as Gaiamore), is “the art of listening, seeing, feeling, sensing, understanding, and opening to the wisdom of the Earth.”

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Animals Divine Tarot

Animals Divine Tarot
by Linda Hunt
Llewellyn, 2005


Long ago all humans had totemic connections to wild animals.

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Everyday Tarot

Everyday Tarot
by Gail Fairfield
New Page Books


I read Tarot cards. Too often I can draw nothing useful from the image before me. When that happens I have to rely on a book to learn what the author meant that image to mean. That is inconvenient, inefficient and intrusive, and when it happens I have wished for a simple way to remind myself what a Two of Pentacles or a Page of Wands might mean.

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Karma Cards

Karma Cards 
by Monte Farber
Sterling Publishing, 2007


Monte Farber’s new divination deck is a wonderful surprise, and something fairly rare: a completely new divinatory system that is elegant, accessible, and effective. Farber’s Karma Cards utilizes the principles of astrology in a new format, one that requires no knowledge of one’s own astrological chart or even astrology in general to be able to read effectively.

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Kamasutra Tarot

Kamasutra Tarot  
by A.R. Madan, Vijai & Ram
Llewellyn, 2007


“Sex sells! Tarot sells! A Kama Sutra Tarot will sell, too!” You can hear this pitch echo from the halls of the publisher’s offices, and the set’s notes confirm it. “When the deck was originally designed,” the editor admits, “the first impulse was to associate one card with each of the Kama Sutra positions. Ultimately, though, this approach proved fruitless.” The publisher’s response? Commission two Indian artists “to create a series of authentic images in the style and character frequently found in illustrated versions of the Kama Sutra. Twenty-two of these images were selected, adapted, and related to the twenty-two Major Arcana of the Tarot. Fifty-six were organized into four suits, and then related to the divinatory meanings popularly assigned to the Minor Arcana.” In short: “These systems weren’t compatible, so we just made stuff up.” Yeah.

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