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Location! Location! Location!

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Location! Location! Location!
by Christopher Penczak 

Location really is everything. Each location is a pocket of potential energy, and that energy will influence all that you do. The ancient traditions of magick knew this, and their sacred sites of power become arenas of mystery to the modern world. The powers of the Giza Pyramids, Stonehenge and the Serpent Mound are sought out by modern practitioners looking into the mysteries. But in seeking out power in only the places of old, we do not find the magical energy all around us.

In my experience, every location is a vortex of energy, including the urban environment. Cities are built because they are found on such powerful swirling pools of energy. This energy is one of the reasons that attracts settlers, even if most only feel the pull intuitively. As each city develops, it gains its own flair, personality and psychic climate. It develops a relationship with the people inhabiting it. Not only does each city gain a “vibe” all its own, each section of the city, each district and neighborhood develops its own energy.

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