Spellwork & Magic

Dress Up Your Magical Image With Color

model Amber Desmond, hair & makeup Melissa Herman,
jewelry supplied by Dark Charm, photo ©2012 Thunder Voltz

Dress Up Your Magical Image
With Color
by Veronica Cummer 

If what you choose to wear is a song, a poem, an expression of who you are and what you believe about yourself, then what are we, as today’s Witches, saying to the world at large? If you go to any big Pagan-friendly event, wander into your local occult bookstore, or hook up with other witches at that odd little coffee shop on the corner, you will find a sort of dress code that will be as natural to you as it is familiar. Nine times out of ten, you will know who the Witches in the room are, and not just because they give off that certain Witchy vibe.

Silver jewelry, ankhs, and pentacles aside, nine times out of ten, you will see your fellow Witches dressed in, you guessed it — black.

Deep, dark, mysterious, even a bit wicked, wild, sexy, and ever cool — black. Most Witches adore black in all shades and permutations, from lace to leather, from jeans to swishy ankle-length skirts. Black just feels right, black is familiar and comfortable to wear, black simply is what being a Witch is all about. And that’s not just our view of ourselves as Witches, but what others expect of us.

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