Crystal Balls for Beginners

Crystal Balls for Beginners
by Patrinella Coope 


e've all seen the image of the Gypsy, coin-fringed scarf tied over her hair, huddled portentously over her crystal ball. The crystal ball is one methods of divination classified as scrying, which means gazing into an object in order to see visions. This ancient method of divination can utilize any number of objects: natural pools, polished mirrors, bowls or glasses of clear water, polished stones, bowls of black ink, to name just a few. But the most famous all is undoubtedly the crystal ball.

Although clear crystal balls are the most common, other colors have been used with great effect. Balls of rose quartz or amethyst were once popular, and I know of someone who loves to use a ball of black glass. A ball is, by definition, round, but ovoid “balls” also exist, and if one prefers to hold the ball rather than have it on a stand, an egg shape fits very comfortably into the palms of the reader's hands.

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