Cosmic Karma: Understanding your Contract with the Universe

Cosmic Karma:
Understanding your Contract with the Universe  
by Marguerite Manning
Llewellyn, 2007


I’ve read a ton of astrology books in my life, some good, many mediocre. Marguerite Manning’s Cosmic Karma is one of this year’s best. As the title suggests, Cosmic Karma concentrates on karmic astrology. It is a guide for one’s soul to live better in this life than it did in the last, and pay off the karmic debt that it owes to the universe. You’re going to need your birth chart for Cosmic Karma; as Manning states, “a birth chart shows what cosmic influences were present at precise moment of your birth.” (The book helpfully lists websites where you can plug in your exact date of birth and get your birth chart for free.)

Manning describes the properties of one’s Sun sign, Sun house, the planets Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and their houses, and finally the mysterious 12th house, the home of the soul, as they appear in your birth chart. In a witty, straightforward, no-nonsense way, she devotes a chapter to each of these headings, with sidebars describing each sign and/or house. Let’s say that someone was born as a (sun sign) Pisces in this life. According to Cosmic Karma, in a previous life this Pisces learned to take down boundaries and soften harsh concepts of reality. Now they can use these skills in this life, and teach them to others. The Sun’s house represents that field of our lives where we can expect success. For example, since my Scorpio sun is in the 7th house, I am to apply my skills and expertise to personal relationships. Fascinating, no? (It’s not going to be easy, as I am a rather introverted Scorpio!)

Saturn deals with our soul’s growth and is a planet of responsibility and discipline. Neptune, as a planet of spirituality and mystery, makes sure that our soul emotionally replaces what it took or depleted in the past life, usually due to selfishness. And Pluto, the planet of change, is the energy that grants us empowerment. It nudges us to become a more empowered person in our current life. We’re also supposed to protect others from whatever it was that left us powerless in the last life cycle. Finally, the 12th house and the home of the soul, stores memories and experiences from all our previous lifetimes. It reminds us that we should reconcile with our past(s) before we can karmically move on.The only drawback to Cosmic Karma is that the sentences tend to be long and complex; I found myself rereading some parts several times. Other than that, pull out your birth chart and get ready to learn your karmic lesson. After reading this book, I was eager to figure out my soul’s destiny and what direction to take in this life.


RATING: 5 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #17

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