Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde  
by Chrissie Blaze
O Books, 2008


When an astrology book is billed as a “survival guide,” you have to wonder if that is just hype or a strategic marketing tactic. So I took these two words with a grain of salt when I picked up Mercury Retrograde by seasoned astrologer Chrissie Blaze. After reading it, I might add some other descriptions, like “essential,” and “the definitive work” on the most trying planetary time of year.

It has become fashionable to blame every snafu on Mercury being retrograde. This book helps us work through the myriad troublesome events influenced by the planet’s apparent backward motion. Mercury Retrograde explains what Mercury retrograde is, how it happens, why it affects us, and how we can cope with its challenges. This book tackles the problems created by this astrological event, and offers solutions to work through the difficult weeks when everything seems to go awry.

Breeze includes a practical survey that enables you to ascertain how hard you are hit by Mercury retrograde, an explanation of how Mercury affects your sun sign, and a table of Mercury’s ephemeris from 1920 to 2020. Use this table to find out which sign Mercury was in when you were born, then turn to chapter 4 to see how the retrograde motion affects you and how you can cope with the effects strategically.

Included are tips to navigate the tricky time of year when all communication and travel seems either ineffectual or doomed to failure. These are both general and sign-specific, which allows you get the most out of the challenges and rewards (yes, there are benefits!) of Mercury’s backpedaling.

Breeze recommends reviewing decisions, readjusting priorities, and returning to your core set of values. She warns against new or untested methods of communication, along with several other things to avoid during this slippery star dance. For those who crave a more hands-on approach, there are ten meditations to help you through the difficult time of year.

Breeze also includes a listing of Mercury retrograde periods for 2001 through 2050.

With this book, you will know when the retrograde is going to hit, so you can prepare by getting your important work done and decisions made beforehand. In addition to accomplishing its stated intent of being a “survival guide,” this book gives a clear overview of astrology, without getting bogged down in technical explanations.

Once you read Mercury Retrograde you may very well decide it needs to be carried alongside your datebook. It has definitely earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.


RATING: 4½ Broomsticks

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