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Recent blog posts
A Funeral and the Power of Flower Symbolism

The power of symbolism--specifically, flower symbolism--really hit home for me on Monday.

My uncle, one of thirteen children, died last week. His funeral was Monday, and it just so happened my husband had July 2-4 off for the holiday, so we were able to attend.

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Who Is God of Furniture?

Do an image-search for Green Man Chair. Go ahead. You'll be amazed at what you find.

There must be hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of Green Man chairs out there. I've got a couple down in the dining-room myself.

And that's just the chairs.

We tend to think of the Green Man as a being carved in stone, but that's mere coincidence of survival. Stone outlasts wood.

Artists have been carving (and painting) Green Men for some 2000 years now but, starting in the Middle Ages, Green Men (aptly enough) began to sprout everywhere.

What could be more appropriate than that the image and likeness of the God of Plants should be rendered in wood: the symbol and the reality in one. To sit in the Green Man's Chair is to be embraced by the Lord of Vegetation.

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The Quartz Metaphor

Too often, heathens who try to discuss their gnosis on heathen forums are met with derision. I created the Quartz Metaphor of Gnosis to show why I think we should be able to discuss religious experiences in a religious forum. This metaphor shows how personal gnosis becomes group gnosis. It can’t happen if no one compares notes.

Imagine three people are in a forum talking about quartz.

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Crystal Energy - Cloudy versus Clear


I had a question about the energy of cloudy versus clear crystal. Milky or cloudy crystals (typically called feminine) and how they compare to clear (typically called masculine) crystals and thought it would be of benefit to post my answer for everyone.

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Snakestones, Hagstones and a Witch Burning


Holey stones are part of a long magical curative tradition in the UK. Different regions of the UK used the stones for different uses, throughout the country holey stones are known as hagstones, witch stones, snake stones, Druids stones and mare stones to name a few. These stones were used to curing eye issues curing diseases in cattle, protecting horses from night-hags and preventing nightmares and to help children through teething (which in the 1700-1800's in Glasgow, Scotland was the cause of a considerable infant mortality).

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Family-separation.jpgIn the national news headlines of America these past weeks, our country has been overrun with images of migrant families torn apart. We have heard the heartbreaking cries of children and the pleas of parents who long to be reunited with their precious kids. But what about American parents who are sending their teen and adult children away deliberately, consciously, without looking back? What about the families who are attacking their grown-up children in person, in social media, and demanding the entire family ostracize them because of their political beliefs? These are not parents who are pleading or weeping for their daughters or sons to return to them, but parents who are saying "I disown you!" because they disagree with them.

Today, we are witnessing so many instances of the crumbling of the pretext of Unconditional Love in our families and realizing that parental and family love comes with very clear conditions: Agree With Us or You're Out! For many daughters, sons, and genderqueer people, what was once minor political disagreements (or at least you could live with those differences by avoiding discussing them) has become grounds for utter cut-off and outright attack. John Erickson writes about his experience in a 2016 blog post called "A Letter To Those I've Lost" that you can read here:

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A-dept or a-DEPT?

 In Which Our Intrepid Blogger Indulges in a Shameless Display of Word-Geekery


Reveals Hidden Bardic Secrets


Handy User's Guide to Getting It Right

at least

Much of the Time


There's an anomalous class of words in English that mean one thing when stressed on the first syllable, and another when stressed on the second.

Words like adept, consort, present.

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