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Recent blog posts
Initiations Humans Must Go Through to Reach Enlightenment

*The following are the first seven "13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time" initiations humans must go through to reach enlightenment.

   The First Door is the Physical Door, which represents the physical needs of the body: feeding, clothing, sleeping, breathing and exercise. This door includes the trauma of being born. The first step on the spiritual path is to clear away the debris of this trauma. This brings one to love of the physical self. This teaching is contained in the Spirit Grandmother, Buffalo Clan Shield.

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Of Halloween Candy, Mean Moms, and the Rationing of Joy

As a kid, I always felt sorry for my friends with the mean moms.

These were the ones who whisked away that brimming trove of trick-or-treat, and doled it out miserly-wise, one stingy, miserable piece at a time, through the dark days of November and December.

Yes, you got to have candy every day that way, sometimes until nearly Yule, but my heart knew that there was a flaw in that logic somewhere.

If there's only so much joy to go around, is it better to have much joy all at once, or little joys spread out?

The ancestors knew hunger. For most people, in most places, at most times, winter meant hunger. Our bodies remember this, even if we—overfed, under-exercised—forget it.

So at the end of harvest, when—for once—there was plenty, they made a great, shining feast, to have and remember through the lean times ahead.

They called it Samhain.

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Divination Station: Becoming a Seer

From the beginning of time, the one persistent question has been, “How does one make direct contact with the crystal ball?”  Immediately three words present themselves: belief, concentration, and patience.  All three are equally important; seership depends on them.  If an individual has an inborn ability to fix the mind or to concentrate, that person is well on the way to becoming a scryer.  However, none of the three will be as effective if the seer is not at ease physically.  A posture chair will free the scryer from being distracted by the need to seek a more comfortable position. Now breathe. Nothing is more vital than the breath, which is the source of all energy.  It behooves every seer to learn to control the breath.  All professional seers, like all professional clairvoyants, cultivate deep breathing, for they are aware that their psychic powers are enhanced their lung capacity.  Deep breathing is a great aid to concentration, just as physical ease helps to erase irritability and ensure a patient attitude.

 The time factor enters strongly into gazing.  There are three periods during the day that are ideal to consult the crystal ball: sunrise, midday, and sunset.  It is generally accepted that sunrise is the most propitious, for it symbolizes a new beginning.  This does not preclude other hours between dawn and dark times to avoid using the crystal ball are the dark hours from nine o’clock in the evening until dawn.  During that period the scryer is renewing vital powers, either through sleep or meditation.

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  • Rebecca Buchanan
    Rebecca Buchanan says #
    @Chas. S. Clifton: after reading "Death of an Eye," I have added the Shugak series to my (very long) To Read list.
  • Chas  S. Clifton
    Chas S. Clifton says #
    That's going to be a switch from all her Alaska mysteries, the Kate Shugak series! Who knew?

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Your Craft Is Too Small

When first I came to the Craft years ago, we were all young in it together, so I suppose it's something to be said that we now have old farts in our midst.

I suppose.

One such was overheard at a recent event to say that by now he'd learned all that the Craft had to teach.

I don't know which is the more striking about this statement: the arrogance, or the ignorance.

Me, I've been doing this for nigh on 50 years now and, frankly, I sometimes still feel like a beginner. For me, the Craft is an endless Sea: you could swim in it forever, but you'll never come to an end. It's deep, so deep, and it goes on forever, this Craft of ours.

Oh, the years have been hard, and sure, much has been lost. Sometimes then we must look elsewhere to find what we've lost, what was taken away. Then and there, we'll recognize it when we find it, ours to us. Then it's our work to bring it home, to bring it back home to the Craft.

But that's neither to impugn the Craft, nor to steal from someone else. When you try to live in someone else's lore, that's stealing. When you learn about your own lore from someone else's, that's Wisdom.

The Craft goes on forever. It's bigger than me, it's bigger than you, and there's never an end to it.

So to any old fart (or young one, for that matter) out there who thinks to have come to the end of the Craft, I can only say:

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Venus in Shadow: Venus Retrograde and Samhain

October is a time of transition. As we approach Samhain, the Veil becomes thin, and communication between the sunlit world of the living and the shadow world of the spirits becomes easier. This is the hinge of the year, a time when the movement of the Wheel accelerates. The Year at Samhain shifts radically, from the time of growth and light to the time of the Descent, into darkness and decline.

                This year the time of descent and introspection has been made harder by one of the most challenging astrological transits, Venus retrograde. As with any retrograde, Venus retrograde throws into shadow all things in its purview: partnerships, relationships, love and all matters of the heart. Because Venus rules all emotional matters, the usual challenges of a retrograde transit are made even more personal. We are compelled to revisit and re-evaluate some of the most painful and powerful moments of our past: betrayals, break ups, the loss of loved ones, all out regrets and missteps.  The shadow-time of Venus shines a harsh light on our past misconduct and brings forward out unresolved pain and insecurities.  We are not able to hide from those things we attempt to conceal even from ourselves, those repressed and degraded parts of our selves and our memories that we cannot bear to look at.

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The big question: how to work with quartz crystal? Crystal is beautiful and lots of books and websites talk about what it can do and how the energies might help you. But how do you actually put these ideas you are learning into practice? This blog post describes to how to work with quartz crystal.


When determining how to work with quartz crystal, there are many things to consider starting with holding your crystal. Which hand does it want to be in? What direction does it want to be pointing? How tight or loose does it like to be held?

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  • Genn John
    Genn John says #
    Hey Tyger! Thank you for your comment. I absolutely agree! These are just guidelines, never prescribed "rules". I agree with what
  • Tyger
    Tyger says #
    This is so much great information. Thank you! I would like to point out that sometimes, if the rules don't work for someone, to tr

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