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Recent blog posts
Seeds of Love: Magical Garden

A great relationship can be cultivated, literally. By planting and carefully tending flowers that have special properties—like night-blooming jasmine for heightened sensuality, or lilies for lasting commitment—you can nurture your relationship along. During a new moon in the Venus- ruled signs of Taurus or Libra, plant an assortment of flowers that will surround you with the beauty and energy of sweet devotion. A few of my proven favorites are listed in the garden of Indra that follows.

Before you place your hothouse posies or seeds into pots or flowerbeds, bless the ground with a prayer of health for your plants, yourself, and your relationships.

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The Devils Book Our beautiful Wall Art ...

Hey Boss Warlock:

OK, I've seen you: basically, you haven't changed for decades. Clearly, you've discovered the secret of eternal youth.

So 'fess up. Did you find a portrait-painter à la Dorian Grey or something?

Aging in Aiken


Dear Aging:

Clearly, you've forgotten your witchly lore.

Sell your soul to the Horned One, get eternal youth, eternal beauty, erections for hours, etc.


Then there's the Boss Warlock Five-Point Health Plan:

  • Keep active, physically and spiritually.
  • Keep engaged/interested.
  • Spend some time sitting cross-legged on the ground every day.
  • Shit squatting.
  • Have at least one orgasm every day.

(Nobody wants to hear about discipline, but thou mayest not be a witch without it.)

Then there's the food:

  • Eat low on the food chain, mostly plants.
  • In general, stick to whole grains and natural sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, etc.
  • Eat some beans every day.
  • Eat allium—onions and garlic—every day.
  • Eat tomatoes (in some incarnation or other) every day.
  • Eat raw greens every day.
  • Eat cooked greens every day.
  • Eat some sort of cruciferous vegetable (= cabbage and kin) every day.
  • Eat some sort of orange vegetable every day.

Mostly importantly of all, eat real. By real, I mean close to the source: the closer, the better. Local is better than shipped. Real meat is better than faux, dairy milk than plant, whole grains than refined. You get the picture.

Oh, and top of the list, Aging: get your butt out to the woods stat, give Him a call, and sign that Book like you really mean it.

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Long Distance Love: Sending Affection From Afar

Perhaps you are in a long distance relationship with someone special who lives many miles away Long distance magic can be quite effective so try this ritual which has worked well for my circle.

Gather together:

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Summer Weaving: A Sacred Season

Since Ariadne's Tribe is a living spiritual tradition, it has taken us a number of years to complete our sacred calendar. This post and the next one will be the last additions for the foreseeable future. This has been a long-term community effort in the Tribe, and I'm grateful to everyone who has participated in this process.

So where are we in the calendar right now? We've just passed the Blessing of the Ships and are now in the season that leads up to Summer Solstice.

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Let Love Flow: Binding Ink Spell

If you are lucky enough to live in the country or near a wild and weedy meadow, you can easily find pokeberries. Though poisonous when eaten, these magenta berries make wonderful homemade ink. You can imbue this wine-colored ink with magical powers with this simple spell.

During a waning moon, fill a vial with dark red ink and add the juice from the crushed pokeberries. Add a few drops of burgundy wine from the bottom of your love’s glass and one drop of a fruited essential oil such as apple blossom, apricot, or peach.

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An Enchanted Love Letter

Love letters are an ancient art that always deepens intimacy. What heart doesn’t surge when the object of affection pours passion onto the printed page? Magic ink, prepared paper, and magic wax will seal the deal.

Take a special sheet of paper (sumptuous handmade or creamy watermarked stationary is ideal) and write with a magical colored ink—red dragon’s blood is available at most metaphysical shops—or try the “Enchantment Ink” spell that follows.

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60-some miles south of the Twin Cities, the Mississippi River widens into a large body of water that has come to be known as Lake Pepin. (Readers of Laura Ingalls Wilder may recall her girlhood crossing of the river ice there, just before its thunderous spring break-up, in Little House on the Prairie.) Two miles wide and 22 long, with a total surface area of about 40 miles, it's about the same size (and shape) as the famed Loch Ness.

Like Loch Ness, it has its own water-horse. Well, that's what they say.

“Pepie,” they call him, predictably. (Her? It? Them?)

Keep an eye on any sufficiently large body of water for long enough, and you'll be bound to see some strange things, for sure. Just how long folks have been seeing Pepie isn't entirely clear.

Predictably, there are stories ascribed to “Native American” times. Since a number of the local Indigenous peoples knew of “water panthers” that lived in lakes of a sufficient size, that's maybe not surprising.

(Water panthers are water-spirits who have an ongoing feud with the Thunderbirds. A number of 1000-year old effigy mounds in the area apparently represent these water panthers, powers of the Great Below.)

Some have dismissed Pepie as a “20th”-century publicity stunt to draw tourists. Well, people do love monsters, and monster tourism does indeed bring in money. Ask anyone in Roswell, New Mexico.

Admittedly, on the face of it, the prospect seems zoologically dubious. You can't, of course, have just one Pepie, since not even monsters are immortal. You need a breeding population of Pepies, which is another matter entirely. Pepin's a big lake, but it's not that big.

Publicity stunt or not, I suspect something deeper going on here. There's a witch in every woods, a monster in every lake. The language of the Good Folk, of those Others with whom we share the Land, gives us a very real, if nonliteral, way to talk about our relationship with the Great nonhuman Out There.

If you're looking for naturalistic explanations here—leaving aside wakes and floating logs—I'd personally suspect sturgeon. There used to be so many sturgeon in the Mississippi that there was actually a thriving domestic caviar industry, until—predictably—overfishing put paid to it. Sturgeon, which in the Mississippi sometimes grow to a length of nearly three feet, have been around since the Upper Cretaceous period—about 100 million years ago. So maybe, just maybe, there are prehistoric monsters in Lake Pepin after all.

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