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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 7: Eir

Fireverse Eir is pretty much as described in lore: lives on a mountain, teaches healing to women, and her colors are green and copper.  In my story, no one can overrule Eir when she’s giving doctor’s orders, not even the king. I’m not sure if that’s gnosis or a result of my unconscious cultural expectations about the authority of doctors.

Outside the Fireverse, I get the impression that Eir doesn't want offerings just because. I'm not that close to her, but I got close enough at one point for her to tell me if I kept offering her things when I didn't have an immediate medical need right then that I was going to have to enter her service and become a doctor. I was already a godspouse at that time so I asked outright if that meant I would have to leave my godspouse relationship and she said yes, so I declined her generous offer as politely as I could. From then on, I only offer her things when I need something right at that moment, and I usually toast her with ginger ale. She had indicated to me that the reason she doesn’t want to be invited a lot of times without an immediate need is simply because she is very busy.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
The MMP Pantheon: The Goddess Antheia

This is one in a series of posts about the MMP pantheon. Find the full list of the whole series here.

Up this week: the goddess Antheia, one of the triplicity of goddesses who are daughters of the Three Mothers in the MMP pantheon. You can read about the other two daughter goddesses: Ariadne and Arachne. And of course, the Mothers have sons as well. We'll get to them as we move along in this series.

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Energy Healing With Color: Chakra Magic

Color is a form of energy that can be broken down by individual vibrations. We use colors in our homes and at work to affect moods. The right colors can calm, energize, or even romanticize a setting. Colors promote many desired states of being. Anyone using color is tuning in to the vibration frequency of that particular color. Some psychics have the skills and training to read your aura; they can literally see the energy radiating out from your body.

 Other colors not in the spectrum or chakra exist in crystals and stones, and are significant in their own right: brown, gray, black, white, silver, and gold.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 6: Cosmology

The worlds are many things. They are times, places, states of mind, they are what is beyond the doors into otherworlds from Midgard, they are metaphors, and in the Fireverse they are also other dimensions. Jotunheim is 2D space. The story in which Freya rides Ottar to Jotunheim disguised as her battle pig is rendered in the Fireverse as “She rode him so flat they ended up in Jotunheim.”

Asgard is nine-space. When Loki is telling his versions of heathen mythology to the human character P, he tells the stories as if they happened in a three dimensional place so that the human can understand them, but he also tells her that they aren’t really like that. When Loki and P are sailing the ship through space, P is aware that it is not really a Viking longship despite its appearance, but when she asks Loki about it, he tells her to accept the metaphor as it is given to her.

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Essential Oil Almanac: Astrological Energies for Each Sign

Flower, herbs and Plants carry potent energy you can use to amplify your magical workings. Use the signs of the sun, moon and stars to your advantage and, over time, you will come to know which ones are most effective for you. Make sure to use your own astrological chart in working with these oils.  Here is a guide to the astrological associations to enhance spellwork.

 Aries, ruled by Mars: carnation, cedar, clove, cumin, fennel, juniper, peppermint and pine.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Novel Gnosis part 5: Bragi

Bragi is the god of music. He is married to Idunna, whose apples keep the gods from aging.

Fireverse-Bragi is probably pretty different than the Bragi of this universe, because the Fireverse needed a character within Asgard society that would actively oppose the teller of the story, who was Loki, and the opposition character became Bragi. Loki is usually cast as the opposition character in most traditional tellings of the mythology, but of course he would not cast himself in that role.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Alas, Ill Rule in America

 “I was not the High King, that my doing should bring evil on the land.”

(Artos the Bear, in Rosemary Sutcliff's Sword at Sunset)


Pagan leadership is sacrificial leadership, and I'm not just talking about the kind of petty sniping and backbiting that dogs pretty much anyone with the audacity to step into a position of leadership in pretty much any pagan community.

All those stories about the King Must Die aren't really talking about cutting out hearts on altars; not literally, anyway. What they're really talking about is the price of leadership.

If you're not willing to lay yourself down on the altar, you have no right to lead.

Only those willing to sacrifice themselves are worthy.

That's why—rightly or wrongly—the Old Ways saw a direct connection between the actions of the leader and the well-being of the land and the people.

So look at the current situation in America.

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