Welcome to Our New Baby.

Witches & Pagans #19 - The Faerie IssueA seedling reaches for the sun.

“Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”
 —Old English doggerel describing the items in a good luck charm for a new bride

Like most of our publishing ventures, Witches & Pagans was born from equal parts of necessity (always the great-aunt, if not Queen of Invention), inspiration, and perspiration. Back in April, I wrote a business-like letter to PanGaia subscribers detailing our decision to fold PanGaia into newWitch to form a new, bigger magazine, which, at the time, we dubbed newWitch: Creating Pagan Community. The intention was (at least) two-fold: to reduce our scheduled frequency to one I could actually manage (two quarterly magazines, plus one twice-yearly journal) and to reunite our readership (previously divided by style and perceived age.)

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