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SageWoman Blogs

At SageWoman magazine, we believe that you are the Goddess, and we're devoted to celebrating your journey. We invite you to subscribetoday and join our circle...

Here in the SageWoman section of PaganSquare, our bloggers represent the multi-faceted expressions of the Goddess, feminist, and women's spirituality movements.

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Coloring Books: A Meditation

Over the last several months, many friends and family have received coloring books from me.  Everything from "The Mystical Mandala Coloring Book" published by Dover to "Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace" by Theo Nicole Lorenz, and several children's coloring books in between.

Why Coloring Books?  Because I believe they're underrated.

Coloring can be a form of meditation, a way to focus on something small and beautiful you control and from within the mind-space to encourage your creative mind to make connections in the subconscious.

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  • Raven J. Demers
    Raven J. Demers says #
    Excellent! I'm so happy to have been helpful. Be well! ^_^
  • C.S. MacCath
    C.S. MacCath says #
    I love it, and it has prompted me to buy others; a mandala coloring book, a goddess coloring book, a steampunk coloring book. I ha
  • Raven J. Demers
    Raven J. Demers says #
    Im very happy to hear it! Now that you've had a chance to look at it, what do you think?

 There are many ways to approach magic—when I look with my Faerie sight, I see that the very fiber of our universe is possibilities and power. 

One style of spell-casting is to choose a certain possibility or flow—for example, abundance or love—then leave oneself open to it. This is often how I do my magic. I believe it's a very sophisticated, advanced working.
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February Reminders

When February has been Harsh

It's just one foot in front of the other. 
It's just one moment, 
then another, then another-
Till the footfalls mark a footpath
and the breathing is a testament.


It's funny how time flies and yet remains standing still. I blink, and we are in the middle of February. I blink again, and the world outside is still covered in ice and deep, deep snow. 

The winter, thus far, has been educational. 

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The Cailleach Initiation

Since moving here to the depths of rural Ireland I've found that the seasonal and circadian rhythms rule me very intimately.  This winter I have been truly initiated by the Cailleach.  It's not that we have been snowed in.  We are having the first flurries as I tap this blog. No, it's that when the dark descended, the cloud cover rolled in, the skies lowered, I settled into a long womb time.

I came to a full stop.  I needed to just sit. Yes, there was activity happening but I felt at a bit of a remove.  The real happening was the silence that descended inside me.  The words wouldn't come.  If I tried to force them they were clumsy. It felt as if even Spirit was incommunicado.  Feeling directionless, without a sense of 'true north' I hunkered down into my still centre. In this space I sank into a powerful place of deep trust where I allowed myself to let go of some attachments.

Danu has always felt like an ancient Grandmother to me. Some people say she is Brigit's mother, but my personal encounters tell me she goes back further generations.   For me She is one manifestation of the Hag Goddess, or Cailleach (say that Cal-yuck).  I have an affinity to stone and there are many glacial erratics mimicking chairs that are known as The Hag's Chair.  In a field about twenty yards from my home we have the Cailleach's Chaise Longue.

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Gathas continued: more about Water

Photo Credit: Dennis Holzberg

Gathas are short verses for the practice of mindfulness in our daily activities. In a previous post, I described ways to use gathas to connect us with the elements - earth, air, fire, water, and sacred center - in and around our homes. This practice leads to many more stories and endless new gathas! For example, I’m thinking about the story of water as it flows through me and my home. This story is actually more of a mental ramble. It’s the journey my mind takes when I connect with everyday gratitude for being alive. At approximately 60% water, I estimate that I contain about 240 cups of water in my cells and tissues, and this equals about 2 x 1027 water molecules. Of course, it's not always the same molecules. I continuously ingest and excrete. However, the molecules that are present in this moment help keep me upright, seeing, hearing, moving, feeling, and thinking. Water flows through my emotions, the expressions of my personality, and the pathways to my creative expression.

So to continue my ramble.

I open the kitchen tap, I start the washer, I water my plants. In my home place, I draw from a vast underground fresh water sea, a gift of the last ice age, delivered through the pressure of my city's subterranean pipeline highways.

I flush the toilet, I pull the sink plug, I watch the shower drain. These mini vortexes enter a different underground pipeline system to a waste treatment plant that cleans it up (mostly) and sends it downstream along the above-ground pathways of a creek to the next stream to river upon river and finally to the Gulf of Mexico.

"I wash my hands in flowing water. May I use them skillfully to preserve our precious planet." This is the gatha, or short verse of attunement from the earlier post. I'm sensing that this is a good practice, and I'm sensing that it is not enough. Yes, I receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of water as it flows into my cupped hands and splashes my face. However, I want my gratitude to be bigger and based in a larger field of knowing and connecting.

I want to write place-specific gathas that express my amazement that my community sources fresh water from a vast underground sea and returns it after use along a vast network of streams and rivers flowing hundreds and hundreds of miles to the Gulf of Mexico. I want to write place-specific gathas that hold awareness of what's really happening. Is the underground sea that serves my community being used faster than it is replenished? Yes. Is the "used" water sent away from my community completely clear of substances that affect the health and wellbeing of living things? No.

I have come to realize that I need to write gathas that reflect how water really ''works" with me and to encourage you to write your own place-specific gathas that fit the geography of where you live. Here’s a new one for my home place:

"Breathing in, my cupped hands receive water flowing from the tap. I connect with the vast underground sea it comes from.
Breathing out, the water flows from my open fingers. I connect with the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico.”

The results? I am aware and grateful. I am informed. I am active. Today I am taking leftover medicines to the MedDrop in my community rather than send them down the drain. I am reading about endocrine disrupting chemicals that endanger our water and wastewater systems and finding out what needs to happen to eliminate this danger to all life on Earth.

How does water flow through you and your community? You may need to do some research first.  Then, please write your own gatha, specific to your home place, and share it with all of us in the comments.

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