The Process

The Process
Dan Pelletier, The Tarot Connection  2009
3.5/5 Broomsticks

Dan Pelletier’s audio book The Process walks enthusiasts through a series of personal meditations about reading Tarot. “Learning is a process that ultimately you have to do for yourself,” he writes. “It takes a lot of hard work.” The author observes that one cannot just learn how to read the cards through books or observation alone; instead, you need to become friends with the deck, play with the cards, and write down what you think they say to you. With The Process, Pelletier imparts Tarot wisdom through spoken essays that give insight, personal tales, and guidelines; this wisdom helps listeners explore their own Tarot decks and discover just what type of readers they can become.

 Pelletier speaks as if you’re standing next to him, recording only his side of the conversation. I enjoyed his beginner’s toolbox: a pencil, a spiral notebook, the deck of cards, and enough time to write down your thoughts. My favorite chapters include “A Spiritual Approach” — in which Pelletier gives an outline about the major suit becoming “a powerful tool (or map) for changing your entire life” — and “Shuffling,” in which he focuses on the often-undervalued art of shuffling.

The Process has high production values; no pops or background noises interfere with Pelletier’s rough, down-to-earth voice. That said, there’s no companion text translation, so you’ll need to listen closely and take notes. Beginners may find the first listen-through confusing; personally, I had to listen to The Process three times before I felt like I had enough information to set my thoughts down on paper. Tarot enthusiasts of all levels can uncover new gems of wisdom from Dan’s extensive years of working with the cards.


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