Sacred Drum Visions

Sacred Drum Visions  
by David & Steve Gordon
Sequoia Records, 2002

This twentieth anniversary album is a collection of top tracks from their previous releases, plus three new songs. For those of you already familiar with the soulful music of David and Steve Gordon, this is a fine selection of favorites; for everyone else, it’s a great introduction.

Rich vocals present Lakota and Sanskrit chants. Featured instruments include acoustic and electric guitars, rattles, rainstick, keyboards, Native American flutes, Incan panpipes, mandolin, and drums. Some tracks are further enhanced with nature sounds. My favorite songs include “Faithkeeper – Part 1” (7:41), “Path with a Heart” (5: 52), and “Spiritwalk” (6:47). The others are “Sunrise Ritual – Deep Earth Mix” (5:30), “Empowered” (6:40), “Light of the Canyon” (7:23), “Flowering Tree” (4:39), “Guardian Spirit” (8:50), “Return Journey” (7:00), and “Faithkeeper – Part 2” (4:30).

This is deep, flowing music as subtle and complex as an ecosystem. Sacred Drum Visions is ideal for use in ritual or meditation, or as background music for relaxation or bodywork. Highly recommended.


RATING: 4 Broomsticks

» Originally appeared in newWitch #01

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