Autumn Sky

Autumn Sky
Blackmore’s Night, 2011

3.5/5 Broomsticks 

Blackmore’s Night’s dedication to creating and sharing quality music does not disappoint in their most recent album. The album’s overall balance of blended and instrumental styles, as well as traditional and contemporary lyrics, offers a well-rounded musical experience. Fans of Blackmore’s Night might be startled by the opening track, “Highland”, due to its synthesized quality. While it does seem unusual to hear synthesized music from a group so famous for their contemporary acoustic blends, the core charm of Blackmore’s Night is not lost. This album offers strong lyrics and instrumentals that make you close your eyes to listen with your heart instead of only your ears. The mood of the album swings from slow, soulful and dark to upbeat, bright and inspiring. In particular, the songs “Vagabond” and “Darkness” gave me a delightful shiver as I listened to the enchanting and soulful storytelling and traditional folk sound. In addition, the several purely instrumental pieces, such as “Dance of the Darkness” and “Song and Dance Part 2”, make the listener want get up and dance. The variety of musical styles and lyrical themes presented in Blackmore’s Night’s “Autumn Sky” album will offer a soundtrack to just about any mood you are in.

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