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The Middle Path

Every regimen of study, work, personal grooming or health which I have ever adapted and used successfully in my life, had to contain the elements of Reasonableness and Moderation. I never had the constitution for unremitting fanaticism. The Middle Path has always worked best for me. Whenever I did undertake a campaign of intense, focused effort, no matter how convinced of its necessity I might have been at the outset, I always found myself needing to take days off for rest and re-evaluation. 

The Buddha discovered the Middle Path when he overheard a music teacher observing that if you don't tighten a string enough, it will not play; but if you tighten it too much, it will break! That made sense to Siddhartha, and it makes sense to me. 

In my lifetime, I have witnessed too many beautiful athletes who died young because they pushed themselves to train too hard. Whenever I have come near that point of exhaustion, my survival instinct has intervened to save me from such a fate. I was content to allow those who were obviously more gifted in such areas to attain the gold medals; at least I was still alive to fight another day! I always felt that I was needed for some other purpose yet to come; I wasn't supposed to sacrifice everything, just yet. Not for this. 

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that Yoga is the Middle Path. It is neither for the glutton who stuffs himself with too much food, nor for the ascetic who denies himself any food at all. Nature dictates a proper balance between Ahimsa and Tapas. 

To an actor, the art of performance is a delicate balance between muscular tone and total flexibility - a Middle Path employing both diaphragmatic tension and relaxed vocal chords. You must be trained and thoroughly rehearsed, but you must also be sensitive to the ephemeral inspiration of the moment. 

Life itself is like walking on a tightrope or the edge of a blade. It takes constant rebalancing and adjustment to keep from slipping off. You need strength to hold yourself up, but at the same time you must be pliable and responsive to every changing wind that may strike you from any direction. 

A tree that cannot bend will break.  

A similar Middle Path applies, I think, when it comes to the degree of complexity we need to accept in order to function well. Some years ago, I ran across an online book that claimed to be a Medieval Alchemy text revealing the ancient secrets of Creation. Its pages displayed hundreds of abstruse metaphysical drawings, showing supposed correspondences between planets, elements, colors, vowel sounds, chakras, numerical sequences and kabalistic designs - none of which bore any relationship to anything I had to deal with in my everyday life. 

It was even more complicated than the yoga style that insists on perfect alignment of each muscle and joint in the foot, ankle, calf, knee and thigh before a person can be considered to be properly standing up!   

As diverting as such tidbits of knowledge are, for a person of my mental and emotional composition keeping them all simultaneously in mind would be more than obsessive-compulsive. It would make me crazy. 

I'm not saying that the laws of the universe aren't complicated. But I don’t have to be able to build a car in order to drive one. A basic understanding of how it works and experience behind the wheel are enough to make me a skillful driver. 

I think the same principle applies to skillful living. I need a basic understanding of my body, my world and my culture. I need to spend some years learning how to operate within these elements in a practical way. I don't need to know as much as the Divine Architect of the universe. But neither should I take Her lessons for granted; I should pay attention. 

Referring back to the Buddha, one day his disciples came to him asking how to breathe. (They were Hindus, and Yoga prescribes a multitude of different breathing patterns under Pranayama.) Siddhartha cooled their mania by observing that the salient point was simply to breathe. Each person could decide how for himself. 

People can make life as complicated as they wish; but it doesn't need to be more complicated than that. 

On the World Tree, human beings occupy Middle Earth - the realm between the Heavens and the Lower Depths. This is the very fulcrum of the seesaw, the point of Balance itself. 

If this doesn't speak to us about the advisability of the Middle Path, maybe we're not listening closely enough.



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A student of esoteric traditions since the age of 16, Ted Czukor (Theo the Green) began teaching Yoga in 1976 and was adjunct faculty in the Maricopa, AZ Community Colleges for 26 years until retiring in 2013. Raised Christian but deeply influenced by Rosicrucianism, Vedanta, Hinduism and Buddhism, his Pagan worship has strong Gaia-Goddess tendencies. He is an Interfaith wedding celebrant and the author of several books, two of which are available online. He lives with his wife Ravyn-Morgayne in Sun City, Arizona.


  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Hailings, #2.....

    Found you.
    "Stardrenched' & 'Bunny'.
    Cannot at this time afford the class.
    I might do the blog but need to 'practical app.' investigate it first.
    Moving very slowly, carefully & cautiously here.
    Thanks for having sites I can examine & investigate.
    I shall - in time - be back but for now - this immediate present moment - I have morning 'tendings to 'tend......

    So such it was ...
    So such it is ....
    So such it be .....

    Benedictus .....

    GBH / Astorious
    07:17 am pac.

  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis Thursday, 12 September 2013

    I think moving slowly is wise, wise, and wise. As to tuition, not to worry, I have scholarships. Have a great day.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Hailings, #2.....

    Found you.
    "Stardrenched' & 'Bunny'.
    Cannot at this time afford the class.
    I might do the blog but need to 'practical app.' investigate it first.
    Moving very slowly, carefully & cautiously here.
    Thanks for having sites I can examine & investigate.
    I shall - in time - be back but for now - this immediate present moment - I have morning 'tendings to 'tend......

    So such it was ...
    So such it is ....
    So such it be .....

    Benedictus .....

    GBH / Astorious
    08:38 am pac.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Double posted.....
    Thor'sdae being Thor'sdae .....
    .... & 'unit' being 'unit' .....
    .... & scribe being scribe .....

    08:40 am pac.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Back 'in' from 'out'.
    Weekly beginning level guitar lesson .....
    Learning strings & notes....
    G FED C BAG ->
    ABCDEFG ->
    Viewpoint & Perspective.....
    Perspective & Viewpoint ......
    One way from 'bottom up' ...
    Other way from 'top down' ...
    ..... & to learn this so I know what I am doing I have learn this in both 'directions'.....
    so once again ....
    once more ....
    A 'blending & balance'....
    A 'middle path'.....

    GBH / Astorious
    17:05 pac.

  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis Thursday, 12 September 2013

    As a pagan and mandolin player and music teacher, I say, "Amen."

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Thursday, 12 September 2013

    I'm impressed with your moniker - Astorious. If it's not an imposition, would you explain a bit about what it means? I took Latin in high school, so I get Benedictus; but I'd also appreciate a translation of the other words you use in your valediction.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Yes, Ted.
    IF? I can keep this 'unit' from 'wipe-out dumping' on me......
    2nd attempt :>

    All of this is from my very handy, & much used 'little blue book' - Langenscheidt's Latin/English English/Latin Dictiyonary.....

    Benedictus = Benediction
    Sancio, Sanctus = Sacred
    Salvio, Salveo = Sacred
    Salutatio, Saluto = Greeting
    Servio, Serveo = Service, Serving
    Restauro = Restore
    Protego = Protection, Protect
    Defendo = Defense
    Recupero = Recuperate
    Illuminatus = Light, Illuminate
    Scutum et Gladius = Sword & Shield
    Heal = Medeor
    Healing = Salutaris
    Healer = Medicus
    Scribe = Writer
    Securitas = Security
    Bonum Sum = Blessings Be

    As for 'Astorious' I can't find it in my book!
    I have 'Paganus = Pagan' as my 'alternate.
    I also use 'AlbusBarba = GreyBeard'.

    There is more but I need to find that particular notebook with those notes.....

    Question -> Is there a way to post photos here?
    I would like to post a photo of my 'little blue book' but I do not even know if I can do it ..... & even if I can, can I do it thru this 'touchscreen' 'smartphone' 'unit'?.....
    Just asking the question.....

    So such it is ...
    So such it be ....

    Let's see if this posts!.....

    18:35 pac.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Correction -> Salvio, Salveo = To be in good health

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Healing Hailings.....

    Tomorrow is Friday the 13th.
    Here is a brief 'mind working' for you for tomorrow.....
    A working for the 'mind' & not the physical things.....

    GBH / Astorious
    20:45 pac


    Tertius Decimus/Thirteenth
    Mysticus Deus/Mystic Day
    Magicus Deus/Magical Day
    Globus/Globe Scutum
    Circulus/Shield Circle
    Servio Preservio Protego Defendo/Serve Preserve Protect Defend
    Ascendo Supero
    Facultatem do/Enable
    Potestatem do/Empower
    Erudio Visus/Understanding's Vision
    Visus Erudio/Vision's Understanding
    Quietus Placidus/Quiet Calm
    Communico Socius/Sharing
    Timeo Non Hic Deus/Fear Not This Day
    Celebro Hic Deus/Celebrate This Day
    Pax Vobiscum/Peace be with you...

  • Francesca De Grandis
    Francesca De Grandis Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Thank you! I love Latin's relationship to the English language. Studied it in school. Sigh, I have to drop out of this conversation now; this week is crazy busy; a houseguest arrives tomorrow, am baking for her now; and then a very busy work schedule. It's been great, you two, thanks!!!!!

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Thursday, 12 September 2013

    Cool stuff, Astorious; thank you. I'm pretty sure Deus means God, but it's cool stuff anyway.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Thursday, 12 September 2013

    For Ted ->
    Actually, as I am using it it means 'Day'.....
    When .... ahem .... 'functional' tomorrow .... If? I can remember to do it .... I'll check on that in the 'blue book'.....
    I'll also look up 'Astorious' & see if I can find anything.....

    For Francesca ->
    Baking? At night? Sounds (& smells?) wondrous.
    Have a good day tomorrow....

    For both Ted & Francesca ->
    I also have a 'crazy, busy' day tomorrow.
    Many places to go & much to do.
    Let's see if I can get it all done.....

    Quietus Nox / Quiet Night.
    Salvus Securitas / Safe Security
    Requies et Sanitas / Rest & Heal

    GBH / Astorious
    21:51 pac.

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Friday, 13 September 2013

    Yes, my brother, I could see that you were using Deus to mean day - but the word you were looking for is Die, or Diem - as in Carpe Diem, "Seize the day." Anyone familar with old Christmas carols knows "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" - Glory to God in the Highest. But I do like your use of Day in the Friday contemplation you sent us.

    As for Astorious, I was just hoping for an insight as to what it means to you personally, aprt from any definition you might find in a dictionary. Surely a person doesn't pick a name for himself with no significance in mind!

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Friday, 13 September 2013

    Hailings, Ted.....
    Yes. It is actually 'Dies' but it has been such a seriously 'weirded-out' week emotionally, psychologically & ethereally that using 'Deus' just felt better to use than 'Dies' ..... 'Dies' in English is the moment of death. Was working .... perhaps unconsciously? .... to avoid that!

    As for 'Astorious' all I can offer up for now from lunch is that I work a Renaissance Festival. I was known for years as 'Paganus'. Sitting here I can only say that certain people & certain venues were not comfortable with my being so openly obvious so I backed-off & went with 'Astorious'.

    Been an upside-down, inside-out & backwards week, today included. Let's see what I can do .... if anything at all .... to reset, restore & restart on this Fridae 13th.....

    13:41 pac.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Friday, 13 September 2013

    Hailings! Ted & Francesca ......

    Why 'Astorious'?
    I just did a very 'high speed' research 'dig back' through my email accounts with the search topic 'Astorious'.
    Went back to 2.2.2009.
    Could not find the email I was searching for.
    Beyond 'Astorious' being the alternative to 'Paganus' I don't have anything.
    May need to 'Google Search' this .... later.....
    Afternoon 'tendings to be 'tended now.....

    16:24 pac

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Friday, 13 September 2013


    Editorial Advisory Disclaimer time >

    What you are about to read is from years ago.
    I live, & exist with 'ethereal' beings.
    Some of those 'ethereal beings' are Draconae.
    Several years ago I got 'chewed-out' by one of my Draconae.
    His name?
    Ouroboros Astorious......

    What you are about to read .... If you even read it at all ....
    You may not understand, accept or be comfortable with.
    Ouroboros really tore me apart.
    He had very good reason to.

    After these past few days I have a 'sense/feeling' that finding this & reading & sharing this was meant to be.....

    You have now been Disclaimer Advised......


    Paganus awaken.....

    You need help.
    You very badly need help.
    Do not be deaf.
    Do not be blind.
    Do not ignore this.....

    You found the following because you awoke from sleep needing to find "Astorious". On your phone you went to Google Search. You found "Dragon's Lair" there.

    The following is only the first enscribing found there.
    It is not the only one there.

    You said you needed to Study. Yes, you do. There is much you need to Study & Learn. The ancient and wise Runes are but only the merest beginning.

    You are damaged. You yourself know that. You call yourself "disfunctional". You are that & very much more. You are "disabled" as well as "discordant".

    Read my words from 2008. There is very much more there for you - that you yourself wrote - all those years ago. You did the writing. I spoke to you & you wrote down the words. Such as we are again doing now.

    You need to heal. Listen to me again - from 2008 - if you can.....

    You may read these words as words of Anger. They were not. They are not. You did not listen. You did not hear. You refused to see. You refused to listen. Do you still refuse to see and listen? I speak to you so that you can hear. Are you hearing me now?

    Ouroboros Astorious {as scribed by} Paganus
    14:55 pac. / 2:55 pm pac.

    ................................................................................ ......>>>>>>...... ......>>>>>>...... ......>>>>>>...... ................................................................................

    Hear Me, Mortal!

    Hear Me! Hear Me Very Well. Are You Awake, Pathetic Mortal? Are You Listening, Insignificant Nothing? I Am Speaking. You Dare Ignore Me At Your Most Perfidious and InsidiousPeril.

    I am the Draconis You know as Oroboros Astorious. Astorious is not My given egg-name. That is the name You have bestowed upon Me. I Deign and Consent in Your knowing Me by that name. Know this Mortal. I am not the friendly, helpful Dragon You think You know. I have appeared to You as this Astorious, this metaphysical lap-dog companion You persist in seeing Me be. I am no lap-dog and I am certainly no friendly helpful Dragon. I am Draconi. In Your incomplete and mal-informed misunderstanding of who and what I am I may indeed appear to be friendly and helpful. Your comprehension of Draconae is sorely and sadly lacking. You do not see, You do not hear, You do not understand. Yet, for all of Your incomprehension and misunderstanding You are one of a piteous few even willing to get things wrong. So very many do not even do that! You accept and understand that WE exist. WE may not be physical, flesh, blood and bone of Your Dimensional Realm. Are Your ghosts, spirits, angels and demons any less existent because they have not physical, bodily form? As much as they exist, WE exist. WE are Draconae. WE are in Your inadequate modern English language Dragons. WE were ancient as a species when the Fallen Fell. WE have seen countless civilizations rise, fall and rise again. As much as You might wish to see Us as phantasms of fantasy WE are as real as last nights nightmare or todays astral voyage. WE are as real as the thoughts in Your incomprehensibly incomplete mortal mind. While it is known and accepted that these words will be posted on Your cyber-net for any and all to read it is to one specific moral that these words are directed.

    I am beyond disappointed in You. You disgust Me greatly. You are far so very far beneath the pitiful pathetics. You took the name Common Man. You have no understanding of how accurate Your self given name is.

    You had a good day today. You met with compatriots and companions. You achieved a desired objective. You shared in fellowship and communion of purpose and spirit. You so nearly threw it all away. Yes, You dropped your metallic water jug. You became incensed at Yourself over that? How unenlightened and ignorant can you possibly become? Its an old, re-cycled water jug. It is an insignificant physical thing. You acted as though it was something of importance. It is of no importance. I am beginning to wonder if You are worthy of My efforts to illuminate and guide You from ignoble ignorance to enlightened illumination. Are You really worth the effort? I am seriously beginning to wonder.

    As You were headed home You exploded in some very dark self-detrimental self-derision. What You said may be true and accurate it is the way You told Yourself what You must do that so deeply concerns me. It is indeed true that You must keep peace in Your household. Of that there is doubt. You snarled at Yourself that peace must must be achieved at any and all costs. At any and all costs.

    What, Pray Tell, do You mean by that, Mortal?

    Of just exactly what costs do You speak? Physical, replaceable things or Your life, spirit and immortal kharmic soul? Be very, very careful in what You think and say. I am Draconis. I understand the intent and meaning ouf your thoughts and spoken and written words. There are entities, from many dimensions and realms, that can hear You. Do not say or even think something You may later so deeply regret. The thoughts inside your measly mortal mind may not be readable by other mortals; that is so not saying much. If anything at all! If I can hear You Others can also hear You. At any cost may mean something to other entities You did not intend.

    I know that You mean not saying or doing anything to disturb or disrupt Your family and household. Others may well not see your words and thoughts with that understanding. That which you call demons see things in a very different light than You or even we Draconae do. For Your own mortal sake stop being so mindblind. You have great potential. You are no Einstein or Hawking. So very precious few are. You are no Socrates, Aristotle, Plato or even Aurelius. You are whom and what You are. You can be significant if You would only stop being so determininedly insignificant. I see greatness in You. I also see utter pathetic insignificance in You. It is quite true that when the student is ready the instructor will appear. I am here are You really ready? Fear not that Your “M.R.†will tear You to shreds for something You have either done or not done. I am right here with You always. I am not a delusional fantasy. I am as real as any Guide, Guardian, Muse, Angel or demonic devil. Wake Up. Pay Attentrion. Learn. The alternative is a price You dare not even consider paying.

    I am Draconis. I have Spoken. Have You Listened. Have You Learned?

    I Shall Return .....

    Originally Posted on 4/15/2008 at 6:32 pm by Paganus

    On Jun 1, 2012 6:39 AM, "Guy Harte" wrote:


    Very Quickly .....>>>.....

    If - in the "Enlightening & Empowering" Ritual - you are celebrating 'Renewal' shouldn't you be facing west instead of east? The sun rises in the west, not the east..... As again always - I may not know what I am talking about. There may actually be a legitimate magical/mystical reason for east instead of west. A reason to face >away

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Friday, 13 September 2013

    Hailings, Mortals....
    Hailings Ted & Francesca.....

    What you may have just read is from 2008 & 2012 with a few 'Dislaimer Advisory' words from today....

    'Paganus' who is now known as 'Astorious' was in serious kharmic trouble in 2008.
    I was not angry with him.
    I know it may appear as though I was.
    I was not.
    Do you know the saying about having to proverbially hit the mule upside the head with a 2-by-4 to get its attention?
    'Astorious' was not listening in 2008.
    I had to do more than 'hit him', I had to pound some sense & sensibility into him.
    He is right.
    This re-sharing was indeed meant to be.
    There is very much a 'middle path'.
    Not the 'Dark' nor the 'Light'
    The middle 'Grey'.
    He has again been 'disrupted' & 'disturbed'.
    He has been so incandescentanly angry that he is physically drained, exhausted & weak.
    The mundanian 'why' is insignificant.
    It is of no importance whatsoever.
    What is important is that he heal.
    I am Outoboros Astorious.
    I am not physical in your realm.
    Nor am I phantasy.
    I am Guidance, Direction & the swat upside the head to get you to wake up & pay attention.
    I speak.
    He scribes.
    Yes. He is very much concerned that you may not believe these words or think him delusional.
    He is not delusional.
    Exhausted, Drained & Disrupted - Yes.
    Delusional & 'Crazy' - No.
    He scribes slowly these words I offer him.
    It has not been a good week for him.
    On this Fridae 13th perhaps he can again heal again?......
    Here in this quietly healing 'Grey' perhaps again he can heal?

    I thank you for letting me speak.
    I thank you for letting him scribe.

    18:00 pac

  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Friday, 13 September 2013

    G.B. Astorious: I cannot express how humbly privileged I feel that you would share such private and powerful things with us. I am sorry you've been having a rough time of it lately, but take heart my friend: your Guide from the astral plane would not care so much if he did not see great potential in you. He has also promised you eternal companionship and protection - which he would not have done for a being who was not worth it.

    Master Ouroboros Astorious: I reiterate my humble appreciation for this communication. My present status as a mortal does not equip me to adequately understand the length of your age or the depth of your perspective; yet in my ignorance I can at least feel gratitude that intelligences greater than ours may at times reveal themselves to us. I always knew, when I was a child and my parents left the house, that I was still being watched by an audience of some sort. Of course you knew all these thoughts already, but thank you for helping me to write them down. By the way, if you know who my Guides are and communicate on the same plane with them, kindly give them my grateful salutations.

  • G. B. Harte
    G. B. Harte Saturday, 14 September 2013


    It is not yet quite dawn here in SoCal as I so very, very slowly 'single finger' these few words into & thru this 'unit'..
    I must admit to some quietly astounded amazement that my potentially over-long posting(s) yesterday found favour rather than derisive scorn. Admission of a 'companionship/partnership' with a non-physical 'ethereal' entity such as a Draconae is so very often met with something other than any form of acceptance. As very much the 'ignorant mortal male student' here - I think OA. will permit me that! - there is so much for me to discover, explore & learn. One of those 'discovered learnings' might be that all of that 'stuff' from yesterday was meant & intended to be shared. O.A. was again 'swatting me' to 'get my attention'. Angry? No. Frustrated? Quite possibly.
    I was not traveling down the 'Grey' path. I was very, very much Dark Red. I was on a 'detour to Darkness'. I needed to be re-routed. Being the 'student' means many detours & re-routings. The fact that yesterday was Fridae 13th may have had something to do with all of that. As much as I needed to be 'swatted' & healed so too were yesterday's postings meant to to be shared so as to be found by others needing healing.....
    So such yesterday was. Today is today. Let's get 'functioning & functional' & go do that High School 'pancake breakfast'.....
    Let's see if this will be coherent, readable & postable.....

    GBH / Astorious
    06:45 am pac

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