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I am Not God-phone Material

Posted by on in Studies Blogs

Hi.  I am NOT god-phone material.  I am so lazy and procrastinat-ive that I just don't keep up regular communications with any deities at all.  I had a thing with Bast a while back, but I"m a lazy mo-fo. And I'm proud of it.  I'm still Pagan and live my life as naturally as possible (except for Taco Bell and the occasional battery-powered indulgence) with the caveat that I'm a hedonist. 

Anybody else out there who is okay with being a regular every-day sort of Pagan? No need to be a priest of anything? No need to have direct communication with a deity? Just enjoying the pleasures of natural living and natural worship?

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Amarfa has been studying the occult, wicca, and paganism for 17 years and counting.  She has been a musician since age 5, studying first guitar, then accordion for 10 years, placing 2nd in her division in the 1995 ATARI/ATAM New England Regional Competition,  and has been studying voice for 9. She has directed small early music ensembles, performed publicly, and starred in local theatre works, particularly the World Premiere of Nightsong, a musical theatre piece with direction and book by Jon Brennan and music by Kari Tieger and Kevin Campbell, as well as composing a musical of her own and writing music in her spare time.


  • Heather Freysdottir
    Heather Freysdottir Friday, 18 October 2013

    I'd have said the exact same thing before Loki showed up as Himself and rocked my world. So yes, I get where you're coming from, very much so - I was a very contented lay pagan, and had no interest in being godtouched or any of that stuff. It made for some craziness because while He was clearly interested in me, and I in Him, I didn't understand why that needed to be a public affair.

    But really, even for people who do the godphone thing, it's nice to let someone else be priest/ess sometimes, and to just chill and be at a ritual as yourself. I consider myself lucky that I am surrounded by Pagans of various paths, some with godphones, some not, all of whom lead damn fine rituals.

  • Terence P Ward
    Terence P Ward Friday, 18 October 2013

    I spent twenty years as a Pagan without any clear conception of deity, much less a conversation with any. It can be a satisfying life, but those who live it don't find the need to explain it so much . . . you're in the proverbial silent majority.

  • Cat lover
    Cat lover Friday, 18 October 2013

    I find this encouraging as I have never had an inkling that anything is out there. I might as well be talking to myself.

  • Roy
    Roy Tuesday, 22 October 2013

    I personally go one step further. I Do Not Truck With Deities. Period. I don't worship, I don't invoke etc. I work with certain archetypes as embodied by pop culture fictional characters, but I don't deal with Gods. I don't look down on those who do, but for me, I left Christianity because I did not want to feel like a slave of a Deity, and that's how I would view becoming beholden to another one, just trading one form of slavery for another.

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