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Out of the deeps rises the mysterious lotus. Stop in for refreshment, heka, and reflections from the sacred waters of ancient Egypt.

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The Worlds of Creation

The Hermopolitan creation story tells of a dark, watery void, “the infinity, the nothingness, the nowhere and the dark.”*   Frogs and serpents, symbols of seething chthonic fertility and subconscious knowledge, generate an egg.  The egg rises out of the water on a mound of earth, and out of it emerges Ra, the light.  Sometimes, a lotus emerges from the egg, and Ra rises out of the lotus as a divine child.

Sound is life, sound is alive.  The first sound is not lost but continues to reverberate throughout creation, throughout what we perceive as time and space.  We are awakened at the deepest level of our being by the vibration of the Om, the Logos, the First Word.  Sound manifests as heka, deep magic, the force that penetrates without intruding, changes without disrupting.  Our brains are receptive to entrainment recordings because it is our nature to respond to the force that once initiated our very existence.

Thus, the singer emerges from the waters of Nun and utters the vibration which becomes all life.  The height and depth of each wave define and divide manu, refining it in ever-increasing circles of life force.  It is the watery element from which we emerge because it most closely resembles the deeper awareness which is our ground of being, our source.

Next, we find ourselves surrounded by and breathing air, because, of the physical elements, it is most like water.  We step onto the primordial mound of earth and stretch into the silken bounds of our new physicality.  Aakhut, the element of fire, enervates our mind and body, inspires us to fully live, and is closest of the elements to pure spirit, also called consciousness.

As the waters recede from the earth, as flower, fish, fowl and beast emerge, the singer calls others to manifest from pure consciousness into form.  These are the ones we call the gods, and soon we have joined them, for though we are forgetful of the fact, we are also gods, ourselves.

The Singer has called forth a new world and now steps into the shadows to watch with pleasure.  Some of us remember the song, others long to remember it; all yearn to hear it.  Each continues creation by singing what we may.

Listen for the song; let its life force permeate your being.  Lose yourself in this love.  Remember yourself as joyous waves of song.  Remember eternity, divinity, unlimitedness.

*Leeming, David Adams, The Oxford Companion to World Mythology (Oxford University Press, 2005) p. 116.

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Holli Emore is Executive Director of Cherry Hill Seminary, the premiere educational resource for Pagan and other nature-based religions (, founder of Osireion (, editor/writer for Wild Garden: Pagans in the Growing Interfaith Landscape at, and serves on the board of directors for Interfaith Partners of S.C. (  She is co-founder of the original Pagan Round Table,, and author of "Pool of Lotus," available in print, or for Kindle or Nook, at


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