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Sharing safe seidhr (Norse trance work) practice, working with the Gods and spirits through divination and devotional magic. We'll also explore the wider Eurasian influences on central and northern European religion, including Norse, Slavic, Celtic, Baltic, Siberian, Mediterranean and ancient Indo-European beliefs and discuss how to apply them to contemporary practice.

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The Lord is NOT my shepherd

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

Freyr is literally one of the words for 'Lord' in old Norse. In other words, it's not just a well-known God's name but his title. One of Odin's many heiti (by-names and titles) is Herjan-- also another word for 'Lord' with a warrior connotation, 'leader of hosts'. While both Gods are associated with kingship in Scandinavia, Freyr is mythically attributed in Ynglinga Saga as the ancestor of the royal house of Sweden (much as Egyptian pharoahs claimed descent from or symbolic right to rule as inherited from Osiris-- which also means 'Sire').


Freyr icon by Shirl Sazynski

A Heathen Prayer

The Lord is not my shepherd.
He teaches not submission but resilience.
In the face of the impossible, there are no guarantees. Not even for Him.
But victory was never born without valor. Even love has a sacred price:
nothing worth striving for is easily won.
Trickster, sage, lover, father, brother, husband, nephew, son;
warrior and peace-maker, hunter and grower, slayer and slain:
Wise-one, show me the way
Not to follow but to be inspired
To both grow in worthiness and to recognize the abundant worth in others.
I am not a sheep, nor was I bred for docility:
I am a falcon, a hart, a wolf.

Both the icon and prayer above were created by me.

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Shirl Sazynski was trained by the Gods and has been practicing the Norse magical and priestly art of seidhr (trance journeying) for about fifteen years. Her column on seidhr, "One-Eyed Cat", runs in Witches and Pagans Magazine. An oracle, icon painter and author, her work has appeared in popular and pagan media outlets for the last fifteen years, including Sacred Hoop, Idunna, Eternal Haunted Summer, scriptwriting for a launched MMO computer game, Mythic Delirium, New Realms, Oak Leaves and several books from Bibliotheca Alexandrina. She teaches workshops around the US, and was a popular presenter at PantheaCon 2015.

Consult the Gods with her through tarot, runes and tea-leaf readings-- and learn more about the Gods and seidhr-- at her website.


  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Tuesday, 17 September 2013

    Cool picture, Shirl. It took me over half a century to realize that the 23rd Psalm only tells half the truth - the Good Shepherd may protect his flock, but to what end? So they can eventually be turned into lambchops and mutton. Ouch!

  • Cynthia Savage
    Cynthia Savage Wednesday, 18 September 2013

    Or to be fleeced.....maybe the televangelists have a point!

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