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Culture Blogs

Popular subjects in contemporary Pagan culture and practice.

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You only know what I want you to/ I know everything you don’t want me to/ Oh your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine/ You think your dreams are the same as mine

I. Depression

There is nothing about me that’s okay right now.  I’m falling asleep by 9p to get up at 6a to work anywhere between 2-12 hours at my day job and then I come home and I try to write something for my blog or my novel because I can’t concentrate enough right now to research.  I have three shows this weekend in three totally different venues (ladies who lunch/church ladies/people who like to recreate the middle age through clothing, fights and craftsmanship) so it’s going to be a total headtrip going from “Oh darling, these scarves go for $200 at Neimans.” to “No, my dyes aren’t period.  My artwork isn’t either.  I know, women didn’t wear corsets on the outside.” to “Your granddaughter would love a special perfume oil that her friends don’t have!”

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  • Alay'nya
    Alay'nya says #
    Dear Deborah - This is beautiful. Absolutely awesome. And tremendously real. Also, you are going through this time best as a p
Pagan savings challenge, week two: challenges

This morning, when I went to set aside this week's allotment for the Pagan savings challenge, I was faced with another sort of challenge:  I couldn't find the envelope with the money in it.  I was being practical, I thought, by not leaving it out in plain sight; even if robbers don't break into my home, out of sight is out of mind, so I will be less likely to spend it.

Note to self:  there's a very fine line between out of sight and out of sight.  It does me no good to not know where the money is in the first place!

But there are some interesting lessons here.  I did find that envelope, but if I had not, it would have meant the loss of one dollar.  The same error in six months' time would have meant coming up with $351, a much larger chunk of change.  Money compounds over time, but it starts out slowly, like an avalanche, a wave, or the movement of a continent.

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  • Vintah Montoya
    Vintah Montoya says #
    I decided to do this challenge this year, as well. I've always been good at saving up for something when I have the proper motivat
  • Terence P Ward
    Terence P Ward says #
    This is the spirit with which I was hoping people might adopt this challenge. Thank you.
  • Greybeard
    Greybeard says #
    This is a good idea, especially for people who have never learned how to divert part of their income into saving and investment.

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The Nameless Day

Years ago I read about the so-called Nameless Day, an intercalary day that marks between the last, darkest day of the dying Year and the first, brighter day of the newly born one. It's a movable feast. I usually mark it on the last night of the lunation after Winter Solstice, before the New Moon in Capricorn. This year, it fell on New Year's Eve, with the New Moon on New year's Day itself. It's not always that such delicious synchronicity brings such auspicious days together, the cultural and the magical aligned so beautifully. Such a purity of intention is rare. As an occasion of bidding farewell to a year that had taken such a toll on me, I was delighted to spend the cold sunny light of the Nameless Day in contemplation, reflection and release.

Everything about that day lent itself to letting go and wrapping things up. A brisk wind all morning felt bracing and clear, the clouds of the afternoon felt renewed, reassuring and gentle. I found I had come to the very last page of my to-do notebook, and had to literally decide which events and tasks to move into the new year, and which to just discard. Just that simple act compelled me to declare my priorities. I learned that two of my teachers were closing down or changing their classes. I decided that I wanted to pull my energy back from certain things, and put it towards other projects. It was a quiet, subdued day, followed by a sleepy evening. Just before bed, I cast circle and read cards for the year.

New Year's Day felt clean and clear. I could feel lightness and space, where the burdens of 2013 had been. I had good solid clues as to what 2014 would hold, and what to start working on. It felt so fortunate to be able to set intentions for the upcoming year on New Years's Day itself, which the support of the Sun, Moon and planets in the strong, prosperous sign of Capricorn. All of that felt strong and stable and present in a very quiet way. My clues and intentions felt like sleeping seeds. They were the first hints of what was to unfold, not yet the blossom or fruit. I felt in hurry to rush them along, but I am so curious to see how they grow.

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The tale of Tiamat could be seen as a creation story.  It could be seen as patriarchy overwhelming matriarchy.  If there are those that honor this creatrix, this goddess of chaos, I did not find them.  I did however find a tale of her fate.  A tale of a wounded heart:   first by the patriarch’s threat to her children, then by the death of her consort before a final death claimed her.  Yet if she lives on in memory, is she truly dead?  I don't know.  Mayhap, her inclusion in the god “graveyard” was deserved though not in the fashion the atheists intended.


Tiamat’s fate

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  • Melia Brokaw
    Melia Brokaw says #
    Interesting! Thanks for commenting!
  • Fritz Muntean
    Fritz Muntean says #
    In the Enuma Elish, a Sumerian creation myth of the 13th to 11th century BCE, the chaotic state of the world -- before Creation to


Depression Comes Before Acceptance

Better you die than I.  - Katerina Petrova, The Vampire Diaries

Full disclosure: I'm writing this wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas t shirt and grey leggings (breaking my leggings are not pants rule).  I have not yet brushed my hair or teeth.  However after I write this, I will try to not look like I've escaped from an asylum and will be continuing to clean out my house and pickling and cordialing all the things in preparation for my birthday jamboree in a few weeks.  If I'm snowed out for my birthday, there will be sonic screaming.

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