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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Hot Summer Must Haves!

Last week I was blessed to ring in another year. As a lead up to my birthday week I put together a wish list of decks I would have been more then happy to receive from my inner circle. There are some new and noteworthy decks on my wish list so i thought I would share the love and let you see what is next on my new, noteworthy and must have list for the remainder of the summer. 

Kicking things off at #1 is the Isidore Tarot - Bethalynne Bajema

This neo-victorian deck is a self published deck which you can purchase either right from the decks website or etsy. I am a bit of a sucker for animal based decks and this one must has a great feel to it and to be honest what's not to like about a toad in a top hat!

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Posted by on in Studies Blogs
Anglo-Saxon Charm for Bees

Ms. 41, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

 We’re so accustomed to end rhymes in poetry (moon/June) that it seems odd to imagine another kind of poetry. If you've been following my Havamál series, you won't find it odd at all. A millennium ago, the Anglo-Saxon folk of England wrote poetry that alliterates; that is, key words begin with the same sound (like 'bouncy baby boy').The writers made things a little easier on themselves by making any vowel alliterate with any other vowel.Each line of a poem is divided into two half lines. Each half line will have one word which alliterates with a word in the other half line.The underlined letters below show this pattern.

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PaganNewsBeagle Fiery Tuesday: Activist News for July 22

It's FieryTuesday here at the PaganNewsBeagle with stories of activism and politics in today's news.

I know this isn't specifically Pagan, but it's certainly going to "fire up" the activists today: in a major blow to the Affordable Care Act, a Federal Court this morning struck down federal insurance subsidies EXCEPT to plans bought on state insurance exchanges. An appeal is virtually certain. http://www.scotusblog.com/2014/07/major-new-blow-to-health-care-law/#more-215691

After many years of activism and protest, there's progress in getting words that describe Witches, Pagans, and others in our community capitalized. (Like, you know, the word "Christian" which is *always* capitalized.) The Wild Hunt reports on this ongoing campaign.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Warning: This post contains ideas and images that some readers may find offensive.

Talk about cultural poverty. Talk about premature canonization. Talk about unworthy traditions.

The so-called "Sacred Hunt" ritual has become a standard fixture at several Midwest pagan gatherings over the course of the last 10 years or so. Me, I hate this so-called "ritual." Personally, I would contend that, in fact, it is neither sacred, a hunt, nor even a ritual. I think it's time and high time that we drove a spear through its heart and let it die a well-deserved and long-overdue death.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Thanks, Anne. There's nothing in this post that I haven't been hearing from other people for years. Sparky was absolutely right: p
  • Anne Forrester
    Anne Forrester says #
    I am so glad to read this article! For years now, "The Sacred Hunt" ritual has been a sacred cow that nobody dared speak up agains

Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Summer Dim

I woke up at 5:15 this morning and the sky was already (or still) full of light. We're in the “summer dim.”

It's a standing joke locally that at 44.9833° North, Minneapolis lies at the same latitude as Bordeaux. Sure couldn't tell from the climate. Ha ha. Here in the middle of the continent, our weather is generally closer to that of Moscow than that of French wine country. Even so, we're still too far south to see the famed “White Nights” of the far North, when the Sun literally never sets and everyone goes sleeplessly frantic in the famed “Midsummer madness.” The fact is, too much light makes you crazy. "White lighters" take note.

Our year here divides roughly into thirds. At the winter sunstead (solstice), we see about 8 hours of light and 16 of darkness. At the summer sunstead, the reverse: 16 hours of day, 8 of dark.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
My Journey to the Goddess Deities
 "Yeah, I'd break bread and wine. If there was a church I could receive in." Sometimes Bono just totally gets me. I love ceremony and I love truth and happily, I can find both almost anywhere. What I can't find almost anywhere, however, is a sense of complete belonging. In most religious houses I can't shake the sense that I'm not truly welcome there. This isn't to say that I'm not welcomed on the surface, I don't go into religious houses with a great big pentacle around my neck or a vile of Moon blood to offer the Virgin Mary, they aren't aware that I'm a Goddess loving Priestess upon my entrance, but there is the sense that if they truly knew how I worshipped they'd probably rather that I just turn away and find the nearest crop to worship in and be done with my heathen soul. Oh they've tried to 'save' me, but apparently the 'spirit of witchcraft and lust' just wouldn't budge.
I'm fine with this sense of not belonging in the religious houses for the most part now. Yet when my call to become a Priestess first beckoned me, it was the pain of being rejected by the religious folks, the so-called faith filled ones that came up to be healed. Because while I don't fit into any of the major religions, despite my great thirst for a devoted and surrendered life, I also didn't feel I truly fit into any pagan, wiccan, Goddess or any other ancient or alternative circle either. I was a bit of a spiritual misfit, an orphan of sorts with no home that I could find on Earth.
Where my lack of belief in a Devil, a male God living on a cloud and my refusal to conform to the idea that I as a women am to play a supporting, subordinate role in this drama of life counts me out of the religious world, I feared that my lack of a belief in many deities or the necessity rather then the desire to worship in a circle or a prescribed fashion,  along with my personal choice not to try to manifest or use magic to make a situation unfold in my desired direction counted me out of all other potential spiritual circles. This made the first half of my spiritual journey a solo one, I just didn't care to explain my renegade brand of beliefs to anyone anymore after the run ins that I had found in the fellowship of the churches. I had been disillusioned to find that nobody was actually interested in hearing why I didn't believe in a Devil, rather they were waiting for me to finish speaking so that I could be corrected and saved. This rang true for the many names but same Source conversation, or the pointing out of Bible verses where Jesus urges His followers not to proselyte, or discussing the misogynistic writings and practices of Paul, deemed St. Paul, none of these were discussions to be had, they were misbeliefs to be corrected and if not corrected then I was a lost soul to be prayed for and turned away from. I wasn't about to face another rejection from a group of spiritually practicing women and men if I could avoid it.
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  • Jason Leslie Rogers
    Jason Leslie Rogers says #
    Candise, Thank you for taking the time to write this. It spoke to and encouraged me. I can particularly relate (right now, at le
PaganNewsBeagle Magical Monday July 21

We're adding a new feature to the PaganNewsBeagle -- Magical Monday will feature stories, spells, rituals, and practical tips to start out your workweek. Nothing but positive vibes on Monday!

Looking forward to the High Summer Holiday of Lammas/Lughnasad? Here's a "really ridiculous" ritual from Patheos that sounds like fun!

We get lots of requests for protection magick here at Witches&Pagans -- so many that we are devoting a large portion of next spring's "Psychic Arts" issue of the magazine to that very subject. In the meantime, here's a short ritual/spell for that very purpose that I collected for y'all online. You're welcome!

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