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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Helper: Help Thyself

Step One is "We admitted that we were harming ourselves and others and that our lives had become overwhelming."

When I am overwhelmed, my primal brain is in control, and all it cares about is survival.  I've been under the control of my primal brain for most of the year so far, even when things were going good.  I was aware that something was wrong, but I kept putting off examining myself to find my problem while I helped other people find and work out theirs.

That's what I'm doing with my life.  I help people identify their problems, figure out solutions, and empower themselves to take those steps.  I am a healer, a teacher, and an intuitive consultant (sometimes known as a psychic,) but all those roles are simply aspects of Helper.

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  • Michele L Warch
    Michele L Warch says #
    Thank you. That was very helpful to see them side by side. I think I've always understood the wording in my own head to be in keep
  • Michele L Warch
    Michele L Warch says #
    Thank you for your review. Its funny the way the world works -- not really, just synchronicity. I was having a conversation, last
  • Ashley Rae
    Ashley Rae says #
    Thank you for your insight, Michele! I have to admit that Christian wording turns me off. I can't get through A Course in Miracl

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs


Since discovering my GoddessMuse several years ago, I have worked with women in middle age and beyond to help them do the same through the experience of transformational art.

The idea of creating art can be intimidating to those who have never tried it. There are so many expectations. It has to be good. One has to be trained, take serious art classes, study the masters, and learn technique. One must have artistic talent.

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  • Áine
    Áine says #
    Beautiful words, and an even more beautiful painting - it was well worth the time it took to develop! I have considered the idea o

Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

To move, live and follow the cycles and rhythms of the Spiral Path, the path of the Divine Feminine, is one of the most familiar and eased ways of being in this world. This is the natural essence of humanity and is how we journeyed through life prior to the rise of the Patriarchy.

Since the rise of the Patriarchy, society has been overtaken by a linear way of being. We have been taught to have concise goals, to walk forward despite obstacles, to never give up, to get out there and to get it done. Time to be, to grieve, play, and rest has become regimented and wildly undervalued.

Still, the Goddess has been re~awakening in the consciousness of Woman, Child and Man for some time now, and with Her re~emergence the Spiral Path has been resurrected. The mysterious, elusive and hidden path of the Spiral is returning to our society as a viable way of being and living.

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  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham says #
    Lovely words of wisdom. Blessings in the dance!
  • Ashling Kelly
    Ashling Kelly says #
    This reads so poetically, and yet has wonderfully practical suggestions. Loved it!

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