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Posted by on in Studies Blogs

Regardie, Israel. The Golden Dawn: A Complete Course in Practical Ceremonial Magic. St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn. 1986.

I'm going to try something of a new kind of entry for a while: Comments on various works that may be of interest to Pagans, Wiccans, people interested in magic, and more. These comments are intended to introduce a book to a broader audience who may have heard of it but haven't read it. With that in mind, there are several things that these comments are not: They are not scholarly book reviews that attempt to comprehensively address the arguments of the work and all its relationships to the existing literature. Hopefully some of that sort of awareness will be included - so that someone who reads my comments would be better informed without still having read the book itself - but these are going to be briefer and aimed at a nonspecialist audience. For that audience, these comments are still not the kind of book review that tells you whether it's a "good" book or a "bad" book. I may occasionally excoriate a truly abysmal work for the fun of it, in general I want to tell readers who might want to read this book and why, and what readers will find or not find within it. It's up to you to use that information to figure out if it's a good book for you and for your interests and purposes.

I will especially note that Regardie's work is a compendium of a significant portion of the foundations of modern Western magic, and it would take a chapter-length review to do it full justice, so everything I said above about limitations applies to this entry with especial force.

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  • Elizabeth Sutton
    Elizabeth Sutton says #
    This was the first book for me. This was the one that set me on my path. I believe it's the First Lesson that talks about the 4 el

Posted by on in Studies Blogs


I decided when I started to blog that I would write about various magical topics that interested me at any given moment. That means this blog is likely to be something of a mixed bag. I"ll take requests if someone wants me to write about a specific topic, but otherwise, my posts will be about whatever I've recently discussed with colleagues and friends, or whatever I happen to be reading or most interested in at any give moment. Today that topic of interest happens to be the Goetia. 

Having started out with strong alliances with the archangels, it was a very odd thing for me to initially approach the Goetic spirits. It took me a little bit to learn the appropriate protocol and to learn  that it really was a matter of 'as above, so below.' In fact, I found it rather like learning to speak a different dialect of a common language. I suppose some may wonder why I bothered shifting my practice to include Goetic magic, but magic is, in part, about establishing and nurturing alliances and the Goetic spirits are powerful allies. 

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