A fencerow is the uncultivated land on each side and below a fence, or even an uncultivated strip of land found dividing fields without the presence of an actual fence. Join me as we explore the spiritual fencerows and beyond. We will discuss lessons and observations from the countryside including herbs and herbal lore, relationship with environment and nature, finding Goddess in all Her aspects, and so much more.

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SophiaDawn is a typical, and yet, not so typical farm gal, a "young" crone and grandmother.  She lives in Southern Illinois, near St Louis, out in the sticks where she owns an herb, botanical and more business,"Terra Mater". She is a Reiki Master-Teacher and reads Tarot and Oracle cards.  She also has her Diploma of Holistic Health Practice from the American College of Health Sciences.  She writes a monthly column for a local magazine on herbs and alternative health.  SophiaDawn also gardens, raises goats and other livestock.  In her spare time she does all sorts of sewing and needlearts. 

SophiaDawn spent a great deal of her life as a dedicated Christian but several years ago found herself on the winding path where she discovered the Feminine Divine  and the way of the wise woman, embracing the magickal world around her. 

The Divine Feminine Wears a Big Brim Hat?

A few weeks ago I was the co-host on a local radio show.  Now, keep in mind that this program is on a local college station and the college is a private, Free Methodist, liberal arts school.  Therefore, the managers of the radio station as well as a majority of the audience come from a fairly traditional, fundamental Christian mindset. When I co-host this show, I keep in mind the audience and try to speak their language without compromising who I am. The host of the program had decided to push boundaries and have a metaphysical themed show.  He fancies himself a rebel but in reality is not.

 Anyway, the main guest that evening was a woman who has written a couple of books about her channeled messages from Princess Diana and John Lennon.  Granted, I am almost always initially skeptical of such things.  I have been around long enough to know that it is possible that a given person would get messages from the other side of the veil.  On the other hand, why is it so many people seem to get messages from a select few celebrities?  Nevertheless, I proceeded to interview and ask her questions about the things she was saying in her book, particularly the one with messages from Princess Diana.  The guest wanted to just read pages from her book, which was pretty boring radio.  FINALLY, she took a breath and I was able to ask her about something she had just said. 

In her channeled messages, Princess Diana had said that while she was on earth, she was THE manifestation of the Divine Feminine.  Huh?  Wow.  Ok.  At this point I asked the writer if she could expound on that idea.  Just exactly how did Princess Diana exemplify the Divine Feminine?  The reply:  “By the good charity work I supported for children around the world, and especially my style and clothing choices.”  I don’t know…doesn’t that sound just a little bit like a typical Miss America answer?  Perhaps I am a bit jaded in my second half century.

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  • Sable Aradia
    Sable Aradia says #
    I would agree that perhaps Princess Diana has become ONE aspect of the Divine Feminine for the modern culture, but I like your obs
  • JudithAnn
    JudithAnn says #
    Our human nature, or propensity to label, is no doubt responsible in part for these narrower concepts of the Feminine Divine. For
  • SophiaDawn
    SophiaDawn says #
    Yes, I do agree that we humans are limited at times in our understanding. Your Phyllis Diller comment made me laugh!!

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Weeds inside & out!

Summer is well into full-swing this first week of August. In this part of Illinois, August is usually very hot and miserable.  Even so, the first slight signs of Autumn can be detected.  The sun is setting earlier and sometimes a cool breeze filters through the window at night. First harvests have been happening in actuality for a while The gardens and fields have been planted, fertilized and in way too many cases fumigated with pesticides to keep out the weeds and pests.  Wheat has been harvested for over a month and those fields are currently planted in soybeans to get a second harvest before winter hits.  Corn is in full tassel which means that the grain is now being formed.  In the gardens, tomatoes, peppers, green beans and other summer crops are in full production.  Soon, I will be planting a fall garden to get a new supply of greens and other vegetables that prefer the cool nights.  Now is the time to go venturing into the uncultivated acres to gather milk thistle seed and goldenrod for the herb cabinet. 

This is also the time of year that the weeds in the garden and along the fencerows are coming into full maturity. It becomes obvious that I have not been diligent about keeping the weeds out of the places where I would prefer they do not grow. Well, isn't that the real definition of a weed?  A weed is simply a plant growing where you do not want it.  I have an overabundance of foxtail grass, lambs quarters and ragweed where the abundance is supposed to be blackberries, tomatoes and melons.

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  • Áine
    Áine says #
    Lovely concept, thanks for sharing!

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One of my grandsons is going through that phase of wanting all tags removed from his clothing. It is almost as if he is having his own little rebellion against labels. Those labels may be scratchy, or perhaps they tickle the back of his neck. Just their mere presence annoys him. Don’t we all find ourselves at odds with labels at times? We go through life acquiring labels, discarding the labels that do not serve us and often trying to figure out which labels best fit.

I have been thinking about how to label my path or if there even is a single label.  This is something that everyone who wanders a winding path comes to terms with at some point.  As a matter of fact, it has been a topic of discussion and dissension forever.   Does one call herself a pagan, a witch, a traditional witch, a green witch, a hedge witch, a conjuror, a rootworker....does one work in a Hermetic tradition, and Egyptian tradtion, Strega, ceremonial, and the list goes on and on...

So, just when did the labels first come to be important in spiritual practice? For example, if we go back to the days before organized Christianity, what was a pagan?  Was that even a word that described a spiritual or magical path? According to the dictionary the word pagan is derived from the Latin word, “paganus”, and it referred to a country dweller, or peasant.  Later, pagan became those "low life, ignorant people who are not (insert whatever religion fits here).” Now the modern definition indicates a person who is not Christian, Jewish or Muslim. The labels get changed over time and redefined by people based on their own beliefs and biases.

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  • SophiaDawn
    SophiaDawn says #
    Thanks for the comments and for reading.
  • Lizann Bassham
    Lizann Bassham says #
    Thank you for your wise words. Recently I wrote a song called "Oxymoronic, Isn't It" - the chorus goes: I'm a libertarian social
  • Tammye McDuff
    Tammye McDuff says #
    I am with your grandson, tags are itchy and bothersome. I have been wrestling with the single label for some time. I am embracing

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