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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

b2ap3_thumbnail_scribes.jpgMany of us are drawn to ancient Egypt, and of those a small number linger to find and follow the spiritual path embedded there.  Soon we find that for all the wealth of published material about Egypt, there is very little about modern spiritual practice.  Egyptian Pagans are also a small minority in the wider Pagan world, so it can be difficult to connect, find teachers and gather for ritual.

My early years on this path were probably characterized by more bumbling and feeling alone than anything.  But much of the first advice I received was to read the Egyptology literature, surely a daunting task for the non-scholar.  After all, few have set out to simply write about religion; more importantly, there was no monolithic single religion in ancient Egypt, at least not as we understand religious affiliation today.  Here are a few things I learned along the way.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs
Radical Authority

Today, step into your authority. Do it now. Not because you know what you're doing. Not because you can defend or explain. Not because you have any authority behind you. Your authority comes from being in connection. From the energy within, and holding the space for whatever emerges. Now that's radical authority. There's a whole new game happening, and it's about you and whoever is present with you here and now. The rules, if you could still call them that, are different every time. Who is always present, is Gaia. Our Great Mother. She is the source of 99% of your energy. Trust that connection, nourish it, and receive your radical authority . This is your day.

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Magical Mondays: A Spell to Counter Anxiety

I often get requests for spells and other magical advice and tidbits. Just this week, one of my readers sent me a message on Facebook saying that she needed a house blessing for her new home, but she had already packed all her books. She wanted to know if I could help.

Anyone who has been around here for more than a couple of weeks can probably guess that my answer was, "Congratulations on your new home! And yes, of course I can." I sent her a copy of the house blessing and consecration spell out of my second Llewellyn book, Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Stories That Tell Themselves

On March 6, 1710, workmen excavating a crypt beneath the nave of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris discovered a number of carved blocks from a Gallo-Roman votive pillar set up by the Guild of Boatmen some time during the first quarter of the first century CE. By far the most famous image from this pillar shows the head of the Gaulish god Cernunnos, bearded and deer-eared, his antlers hung with torcs.

On March 18, 1314, Jacques de Molay, 23rd and last Grand Master of the order of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake on an island in the Seine River in Paris. The order had been suppressed, seven years previously, on charges of heresy, including the worship of a mysterious bearded Head. De Molay's last request of his executioners is that they tie him so that he can face the Cathedral of Notre Dame as he burns. They grant his request.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    Thanks, Troy: we live by our stories. Bwa ha ha.
  • Troy Young
    Troy Young says #
    A superb story indeed and well worth sharing.


    Mercury, planetary muse and mentor of our mental and communicative lives, appears to reverse its course three or four times a year...These periods give us permission to pause and go back over familiar territory, reflecting and giving second thoughts to dropped projects or miscommunications...It’s time to “recall the now” of the past and pay attention to underlying issues. Leave matters that lock in future commitments until Mercury goes direct. 
    May 18–June 11: As Mercury retraces its steps in Gemini, take the opportunity for a second look at how you are tending friendships. Redefine peer support to include the inner children.
Sandra Pastorius © Mother Tongue Ink 2014


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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

A recipe for more passion- and who doesn't want that?

First, remember what NOT to do: don't go looking for passion, or pumping yourself up with lots of stimuli. Why? because they're slow killers. They numb you. Go the other way: become more sensitive to what is. What is here now? 

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b2ap3_thumbnail_firebird.jpg(from my book Visions of Vanaheim)

Gullveig is a powerful witch, so much so that the Aesir burned her in fear, which caused the Vanir to rise up and avenge one of their own.  She is often thought by modern heathens to be an "evil" goddess not worthy of worship, and often conflated with Freya or Angrboda.   

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  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    I've been reading "The New Revelations" by Neale Donald Walsch and copied the seventh revelation in my notebook of things I should

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