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 Fire Island (2022) - IMDb

Not a Review of Kim Joel Booster's Fire Island


I am pagan. Therefore, I support the right to discriminate

As pagans, we understand the importance—not just the importance, but the value and, in fact, the cultural necessity—of any given self-selected group's right to exclude non-members while associating freely within itself: with the necessary proviso, of course, that such a right cannot be universal, but always (by necessity) time- and place-bound.

If this is so, then Kim Joel Booster's Fire Island may well be the most pagan movie of the summer.


Can't stand feel-good movies. Don't like rom-coms, especially gay ones. No big fan of Jane Austen, whom I really can't help but suspect would, if she weren't a woman, be read today only by English Lit grad students.

Here's what I really liked about this summer's gay feel-good rom-com, the newest iteration of the Pride and Prejudice franchise, though: with the exception of one nightmarish flashback scene, there are no straight people in the film. None.

A group of gay friends go to Gay Island for one last dizzying swirl of what passes for gay male “culture”, in all its shallow, abs-obsessed dysfunctionality.

Gods: how incredibly refreshing.

One lesbian. (Margaret Cho's character, though, is anything but token.) No straight characters. No (current media darlings that they are) trans characters. Not even any bisexuals. Just men for men telling our own story, for a change, with lots of gratuitous nudity, sex, and good-looking guys.

The Horned One be praised.

Not that I have nothing against trans folk, straight folk, or lesbians, mind you. Those stories, too, I value. It's just that everyone deserves a chance to talk about themselves every now and then. Enough about you: let's (finally) talk about me for a change, OK?

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Strawberry Moon Ritual: Nature as Altar + Crystal Charge Recommendations
Tonight, the Mead or Strawberry Moon, the Lover’s Moon, will appear across the sky, announcing the departure of spring and the coming of the Summer Solstice. Now we can taste the sweetness of life and celebrate our strength and fruitfulness. It is a time of security and protection, and assess the results of all that you have planned and seeded in the past months.
To overcome any blocks of fear obstructing your creative output, you can dispel the negative energy by going for a walk in the nearest park. Find a round, flat rock, six to ten inches wide. This will become an altar supplied directly to you by Mother Nature, and it will have the purest energy. Begin by charging this stone on the full moon at your home altar. Light a white candle for purification, and then place your hand on the stone and chant three times: 
Goddess of Night, moon of tonight,
Fill this stone with your light,
Imbue it with all your magic and might,
Surround it with your protective sight.
So mote it be. 
Ideally, you’ll want to perform this spell three times on three consecutive full moons before you begin drawing upon its energy. Like your altar, your stone will be a reservoir you can turn to any time you feel stuck or uninspired. Make a pilgrimage to it when you require creative rejuvenation.

Here are some crystals best recommended for channeling this extra special energy for later spellcasting:

  • Second half Gemini birthstones are great conductors for this mid-June event. Grossulars, geodes, cat's eyes, and jade will be attuned the most to tonight's supermoon.
  • Chrysoberyl is often used for emotional release and cleansing emotional blocks in your life.
  • The snow quartz invokes major changes in your life, whether personal or professional. With the Strawberry Moon, great positive change will be on its way to you.
  • Rose quartz under tonight's full moon will strengthen your relationship more than ever.
  • Charging your amber or rhodochrosite under the Strawberry Moon will keep your flourishing energy grounded from departing or being canceled out by negative energy. 
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Sagittarius Full Moon Soul Reading

Dear Moon Muser,

The heat is on and so are the art fairs and connecting more face-to-face with many of you! Last weekend in Irvine, California a lovely family visited my booth and commented about how happy it made them feel and how it was like stepping into a magical fairy tale - that made my heart sing!

I'm also tuning in daily to the old gods and goddesses on my walks through the wilderness of where I live in the desert valley outside Temecula, California wine country. Bobcats, the rare Mountain Lion and plenty of Coyotes accompany me along with hundreds of Quail and their babies, Red Tailed Hawks and as night falls, the Great Horned Owl, the ghostly Barn Owl and occasionally a whole family of tiny Burrowing Owls silhouetted against the desert sunset.

Astrologically we’re in for a very Plutonian (intense) Neptunian (watery) vibe right now as the US undergoes a Pluto Return and a recent Neptune/Jupiter in Pisces conjunction echoes all year long. Staying grounded is more important than ever as we focus on tapping into our intuition to help us stay connected with Spirit and the Divines in a world that does not recognize or honour this power.

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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

It is now that the hydrangeas b2ap3_thumbnail_meditation-goddess-with-raspberries.jpg

are in bloom, 

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  • Jamie
    Jamie says #
    Molly, Great stuff as always! Your words bring back so many memories of summers past. The hydrangeas and milkweed aren't quite
  • Molly
    Molly says #
    Thank you! Curiously, there are actually no watermelons growing nearby either so we don't understand what it is that we actually s

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Signs and Stones Pt. 2

Scorpio, First Half: October 23-November 6 

The soul stone for early Scorpios is ruby, a gem celebrated in many legends dating from prehistoric times to the present day. Rubies were believed to be dragons’ eggs—very fitting for Scoprios, who have a lizard aspect to their souls. Rubies were believed to give the wearers invincibility. They were also thought to warn of danger by darkening in shade to a red that was nearly black. Rubies correspond to Mars, the first ruling planet of Scorpio, also associated with red. The most valuable rubies outrank even diamonds, and in the Bible, ruby is called the most precious of the gems first created in the world. If worn by a Scorpio, a ruby can re-channel passions such as lust, jealousy, and anger into more positive emotions. By all means, wear rubies, soulful Scorpios!

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 Inverness school affected by maggots infestation - BBC News


While having an old filling replaced the other day, I had occasion to remember this 4000 year-old tale from ancient Sumer.

All praise be to Father Enki!


Father Enki and the Worm


In the beginning, all creatures came before Father Enki, Lord of Wisdom, and to each, he assigned its own proper food.

To the cow, he gave grass. To the lion, he gave the gazelle. To each creature, he gave its own proper food.

Finally, the worm came before him.

To you, worm, I give this to eat, said Father Enki.

No, no, I don't want that, said the worm.

Well then, worm, I give you this to eat, said Father Enki.

No, I don't want that, either, said the worm.

Father Enki was displeased. Well then, what do you want? he asked.

I want people's teeth for my food, said the worm.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs
Ancient Minoan Good Bois

The Minoans had dogs. I remember being a little surprised to learn that, some years ago. Somehow, I just never connected "Minoans" with "dogs" in my mind. Cats, sure, but dogs?

Yep, they had them - in fact, the breed the Minoans had still exists on Crete. It's called the Cretan Hound and is considered to be the oldest European dog breed. That's one of them in the image above, on a carved stone pyxis lid from Mochlos dating to about 2400 BCE. I can imagine the person who owned that pyxis (a lidded jewelry box) choosing it because their dog loved to lie in the same pose, stretched out in the shade of an olive tree.

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