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Recent blog posts
Introducing the 2020 Cast of Spring Mysteries Festival

If you knew there was a place, where the Gods walked the earth, would you go? 

For 35 years, the Aquarian Tabernacle Church has continued the Eleusinian Mysteries, originally held in ancient Greece. The Great Mother invites you to take the pilgrimage and be initiated into the ancient rites of Demeter and Persephone, on the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Washington State, Easter weekend, April 9th - 12th, 2020. Continue to see the Photo Gallery. Early Bird pricing ends on January 17! 

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Pagan Poppy Power: Seeds of Abundance

The wealth of wildflowers is one that offers both beauty and plenty. Pagans revere poppies for their money magic. If you have a yard, nearby meadow, or any strip of ground you can garden, buy poppy seeds and simply toss half of them all around in early spring.  Soon, you will have a wealth of wildflowers. No doubt, you will be rewarded for years to come with the beauty and abundance of poppies for many years to come.

Gather together

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The Stinkies

“Steve, are you on AZT?”
It was a hot, steamy summer back at the beginning of AIDS. AZT was the first in the long line of drugs that the researchers cooked up to treat folks with HIV.

At festival after festival that summer, I'd been fielding indirect questions about my health from well-meaning people: “Steve, are you...OK?” Ah, the pagan rumor-mill. Well-known (and beloved) public gay guy, therefore, must have AIDS, right?

My current boyfriend was the last person from whom I expected to hear such a question, though.

“Gods, Don,” I say, a little miffed; I felt as though my integrity were being called into question. “We've been sleeping together for weeks. If I had HIV, don't you think I'd have told you by now?”

He apologizes handsomely. (He always was good at making up.) Still, it seemed an odd kind of question.

“Why do you ask?” I ask in turn.

“Your sweat smells like guys' on AZT,” he says.

Well, it was—as I'd said—a hot, steamy summer that year, and between the two of us we had indeed been working up a good deal of sweat. (“Is it possible for two men to have a baby together?” goes the world's oldest gay joke. Answer: “Theoretically no, but...they sure do keep on trying!”)

Still, it wasn't until long after the relationship was over that I finally puzzled out the answer to Don's question.

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  • Steven Posch
    Steven Posch says #
    I once read an article by an anthropologist who was interested in why Americans--of all people--should have invented deodorant. He
  • Anthony Gresham
    Anthony Gresham says #
    Salads just taste better if you chop up a slice on onion. Most dishes are improved with a couple of slices of onion and a couple

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A New Year, A New Leaf


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An Ancient Massacre by Reptilian Males

The following is a past Earth story, when a separation came to men and women and when we were genetically modified, a vision that was given by the 13 ancient ‘Spirit Grandmothers of Time’ to Patricia Culliford of Quebec. I am no longer in contact with Ms Culliford after trying for the last few years to find her, to ask permission to share this copyrighted material, the knowledge that she received from the 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time, but feel that she would welcome me sharing the information that follows so that everyone has access to their origins. The 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time told Ms Culliford that they, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers, are beings from several star systems and planets that birthed the Earth after a huge cataclysm. I, Agnes, intuited this to be at the Permian era, when the continents first split apart, about 300 million years ago.

PART ONE 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time:

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Hedgewitch Money Magic: Grow Prosperity Herbs

As a kitchen witch and gardening enthusiast, I am always seeking to learn more about the power of herbs, plants, roots and flowers can be used in the craft. Grow your wealth, literally with these handy herbs:

Allspice berries bring good luck; gather 7 berries and place in a small pouch to carry in your pocket or purse for a week, On the 7th day, burn them with cinnamon incense while making your wish for whatever you want.

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Finally, found a peaceful moment to take time to myself and write. I often push aside these moments to get other things done that seem more important. I teach, lecture, mentor and suggest the importance of self care, but so often neglect to take that time for myself.

I envy a friend of mine who takes time every morning to talk to her fairies and to sit and pray, send Reiki, and whatever else she needs to do to get her day started and centered. 

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