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Posted by on in SageWoman Blogs

I must apologize, it's been way too long and when I got the mail today and saw the latest issue of SageWoman, and realized that I can't remember the last time I had received the magazine, well, let's just say that I was sad.

Where do I start?

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Holding Space for Compassion and Discernment in the Storm of Humanity's Aggression

I am posting these observations as a reminder and invitation to be gentle and kind with yourself and others as we navigate some challenging times. I am noticing and hearing in general, as well as out picturing in the election climate, an over stimulation for many in all aspects of their life and work. I am seeing this in my work place, dynamics between individuals breaking down and unproductive exchanges occurring. I am seeing this in conversations and dynamics within our communities. I am seeing this in my personal relationships. And, we all are seeing this on the local, national and global stages. 

Please consider this as a time to hold space for calming, clarity, compassion and an intention towards sending and receiving only that which is for the highest good of all concerned with harm to none. Please consider consciously "checking yourself" when you are feeling moments of agitation and quite frankly short circuiting. Hit the pause button before sending "that" email or speaking what is colored by the abundance of illusion being generated on all fronts right now.

I encourage you to not allow yourself to get caught up in the maelstrom of negativity and aggression that is very accessible to feed on and brings you into a state that is reactionary without giving thought to the larger impact as the volatile waters ripple out. 

Please take great care to keep yourselves anchored in those things that give you joy and are supportive of you remaining centered and grounded. Be in nature. Spend time with your loved ones that nurture you and for whom you can be a point of respite and renewal. Take a break from social media and the news, and don't berate yourself as burying your head in the sand. Remember the directive always is to "put your mask on first" aka. anchor and ground in healthy engagement, if you wish to be of service to humanity.

Hold space for your highest self and let the rest of it blow past you. There is plenty of ongoing work to be done, feed and bolster the best "you" for the long haul.

Blessings for your well-being...R

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

 The Satanic Temple requests that Boston fly its flag after Supreme Court  ruling | CNN Politics

I'm working the Midterm election at the local poll when I notice the guy in the Church of Satan tee-shirt standing in line to get his ballot.

Not just the tee-shirt: he's also got the shaven head, goatee, and horns-up pentagram tattoo on his shoulder. Well, this is Paganistan, Land of Free Peoples, and the pagan neighborhood in particular, where you're free to worship (or not) whomever you bloody well choose.

I have to wonder what it's like to be a Satanist in a sea of pagans. There's nothing wrong with this guy's courage, that's for sure, and I even feel a certain amount of fellow feeling. Hey, I'm a pagan: my god wears horns, too.

Each voter is assigned a voter number when they receive their ballot. It's one of the many safeguards in place that guarantee an accurate count: so many ballots handed out, so many ballots handed in. Anyone who thinks that elections are being tampered with has obviously never worked at a poll, and witnessed the multiple layers of protective precautions in place against precisely such malfeasance.

I'm sitting at the ballot table assigning sequential voter numbers as the ballots are handed out. It looks like our friend Anton Jr. is by way of being voter #666 at this particular polling place.

I'll have to remember to mention it to him, I think. He'll certainly find that amusing.

Then we get busy and, in the flurry of activity, I forget to tell him.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Making Magic with Crystals and Gems

Gems are powerful tools that can pave the way for a better life for you. There is a long history of the use of gems, stones, and crystals as amulets, symbols, charms, and jewelry in magic. These myriad stones can really enrich your life in so many ways. In the next chapter, you will learn how to make your own magical gem and crystal jewelry and how to charge the stones you already own with supernatural power.

Do you want to get a new job? Jade jewelry magic will do the trick! Need to get over a heartbreak? A chrysocolla heart-healing spell will soothe your soul. Are you an author suffering from the dreaded writer’s block? A creativity crystal incantation is exactly what you need. Gems and statues positioned in strategic places around your home can help accelerate the positive vibrations you are activating by practicing crystal and gem magic. Using what I call crystal feng shui, you can place a crystal or a geode or an appealingly shaped rock in the appropriate position of your home to facilitate change. For example, amethyst will promote healing and release any negative energy that is clinging. Clusters of citrine will activate vibrations of abundance and creativity.

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Posted by on in Paths Blogs

Ancestor Day

This year, my kindred decided to combine Disablot and Alfablot and hold Ancestor Day. Disablot is supposed to be for the female ancestors and Alfablot for the male ancestors. Yes, Alfablot means elf sacrifice, but the line between the elf mound and the grave mound was fuzzy for the heathens of historical times. Even though it's traditional, separating the ancestors by gender just didn't feel right to me, and I asked the rest of my kindred if they would like to combine the two days into one Ancestor Day. Everyone liked the idea so we planned it.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
The Mystique of Minerals

Each gem, mineral, crystal, and stone discussed in this volume has its own unique properties. Look at it this way: We have a vast healing and life-enhancing trove of beautiful and sacred stones from which to choose, and each stone has its own inherent, divine qualities. Each one is unique for the energy it emits and how it interacts with our subtle energy field, or aura. In the same way that no two fingerprints or snowflakes are alike, each crystal is completely individual, never to be repeated again in nature. Man-made crystals are exactly alike, thus reducing their appeal and healing qualities, at least in my mind.

Crystals found in nature are imbued with special qualities from the minerals and rocks surrounding them. Geologists are fond of explaining the varying colors of crystals as chemical impurities, and while that may well be so, I prefer to liken the development of crystalline color to the making of a fine wine, wherein the soil and even the neighboring trees, plants, sun, and rain affect the grapes and the resulting nectar. So, gems have notes, like a perfume or a wine or even music. Truly gifted gemologists can distinguish these delicate differences, especially the vibratory sounds.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

 Paul Bransky on Twitter:

What does a standing stone do?

Raised in 2021, the Bull Stone stands at Sweetwood Temenos, a pagan land sanctuary in southwestern Witchconsin's legendary Driftless Area. Born in the bed of an inland ocean, old before dinosaurs walked the Earth, the six-foot, one ton slab of karst limestone is the standing stone that I know best.

So what does the Bull Stone do?

Its long axis aligns with the Sun, pointing to the places on the horizon where the Sun rises and sets on the day of the Winter Solstice.

Its short axis aligns with Earth: with both a notch on the southern horizon, some two miles distant, where two ridges come together and, to the north, with the sanctuary's Grand Circle.

What does a standing stone do? Easily told.

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    Is a stang, then, a portable standing stone?

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